Friday, February 22, 2013

John 3:22-36

Wow, is it Friday already? It is our day to fast and to uniquely present ourselves in a posture of prayer. I hope you are onboard and that you have decided the best way for you to take part in a fast. For me, it is about food but I know that does not work for everyone. I invite you to take the challenge but not to do it in a legalistic way. This is not about bragging rights…it is about placing ourselves in a posture of obedience and disciplining our lives so we can experience God in a fresh way. Think it over!

Now, it is time for our Scripture reading from the Daily Lectionary. It is another interactive passage. You might want to go back through the passage to identify the individuals and groups that are involved in the conversation. In the end, it is about the abundance of God. John says that he must become less so Jesus can become greater. The same is true for our lives. It is the principle of humility that fits nicely with a spirit of fasting and prayer.

However, in this passage, we have an additional message about the plentiful and abundant nature of God’s love. Go back to your Bible for a moment to reread verse 34. Do you see the message that God gives the Spirit without limit. How would you define ‘without limit’ in your own words? For me, it boils down to one image. It is a divine gift and a human attribute for the followers of Christ. I think I can sum it up in one word. That word is generosity.

God’s generosity is without limits. In response, believers, members of the Body of Christ, people connected to the Circle of Love are likewise called to a spirit of generosity. Do you remember our commitment to offer to grow toward a tithe as we move through Lent? Try it…you will like it…God will love it!


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