Morning-Devotions-Christian-Stock-ImageSharing God’s Love by Welcoming All

The Hospitality & Outreach committee is responsible for encouraging, training and enhancing both the hospitality offered to our guests–visitors and congregation, and outreach to our community through advertising and event sponsorship. Our mission is to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and to make sure all visitors and members feel welcomed, valued and cared for.

Pattern Your Life After Christ

Offer hospitality to strangers and friends. Connect them with the source–God, the Creator, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. This brochure lists tangible ways you can offer hospitality (God’s Love) to others.

Volunteer Opportunities

Hospitality and Outreach offers many opportunities to connect with new visitors and create a welcoming, familiar atmosphere after each worship service. Click the + signs below to learn how to get connected.

Sign Up

Doorstep Greeter

Step out and greet a 1st time Parker UMC visitor from your neighborhood by delivering a mug and some information about Parker UMC on a Sunday after church.

Contact Tom Smith: 303-593-0415  • 

Front Door Greeter

Welcome people at the entrance doors as the come to worship. Sign up for one Sunday per month.

Contact Lee Smith: 303-593-0415 

Welcome Desk Host

One Sunday per month, you can help answer questions from our congregation and visitors. Duties may include helping  visitors find the right Sunday School classroom for their children or for themselves.

Contact Debbie Barthel: 720-842-0822 

Coffee and Beverages

Help make coffee, lemonade and tea for our congregation on Sunday mornings.

Contact Debbie Barthel: 720-842-0822 


Distribute church bulletins and pass offering plates during one service per month.

Contact Eileen Carpenter: 720-635-6768 

Visitor Gift Bags

Each of our 1st time visitors to worship are offered a Visitor Gift Bag. Join the team that assembles these bags to have them ready each Sunday morning.

Contact Beverly LaForce: 303-841-3979 Thursdays at the church office.