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Hitting the Pause Button

Our Mom’s Group has been journeying through a book entitled “7: A Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker. The book has caused me to really reflect on life and all the excess that is a part of our lives, especially in the areas of food, media, possessions, clothing, waste and stress. These last few weeks,…

How Do You Get to Heaven?

“How do you get to heaven?”, I asked the group of twelve confirmands that had gathered last night. I got the same answers from them that I used to get when I asked the same question in our new member classes. “You work hard to do good in the world” or “You follow the Christian…

The Power of the Resurrection

Dear Friends: Will you be glad to have warm days, blue skies and green grass! That is just a part of the joy of spring that is on the horizon. It is a season of new life and blooming flowers that is highlighted within the Christian community by the celebration of Easter. Easter is a…


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