Saturday, February 23, 2013

John 4: 1-26

Tomorrow is a day of worship. Today is a day to prepare. I pray that you will prepare by reflecting on the words of Scripture and offering yourself in an act of service today. Remember, our Circle of Love is always open so we can flow into worship before we are called to go out to serve others.

Our home (like yours) is filled with memories that take the physical form of photos, paintings, and figures. One of them is a gift Sue received from a group of women. It is a Simpich collectable figurine of the woman at the well. She stands in a prominent place as a reminder of close relationships, effective ministry, and wonderful memories.

The story is beautiful. It is a simple, yet profound, conversation between a Samaritan woman and Jesus. On the surface, the conversation is about sustaining life by having water to drink. But the spiritual dialogue about ‘living water’ really captures the moment. You might want to read it again with an ear for the surface and the spiritual meaning of the interaction.

In the end, it is Jesus going into the world, breaking barriers, and revealing his identity. It is truly a Circle of Love interaction that produces abundant fruit. It is all focused on the identity of Jesus as the Messiah, the Christ. The last declaration in verse 26 says it all, “I who speak to you am he.”

Imagine your own personal questions of faith for a moment. It’s alright, go ahead and remember your doubts, your fears, and your heartfelt concerns about your personal life of faith. Now, imagine Jesus speaking to you. All he says is this, “I who speak to you am he.”

Worship well!


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