Mission Centered Family Activities

November is traditionally a time of reflection, a time to give thanks.   Last year, around this time, we took our children on a family mission day-trip downtown.  We started at the local Dollar Store.  We bought lots of toiletry supplies, as well non-perishable foods.  We set up an assembly line in the kitchen and stuffed plastic grocery store bags with various supplies for the homeless.

Then, we packed the bags in the car and headed downtown, near the capital building.  My sons were hesitant to get out of the car, to interact, to talk, to share time and space with the homeless.  But, with a little encouragement, they were off!   They would smile, and wish the person well as they gave the modest gift of basic hygiene supplies and food, sharing God’s love.

This time of year, budgets can be tight with the holidays just around the corner.  Giving doesn’t have to stop just because the budget is tight!  For a few dollars, you can make a large stack of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to share!  Or, spend an afternoon coloring pictures, and then grab a roll of tape, and head to a nursing home.  Walk around, ask people if they would like their room decorated!   We’ve always been told, “Yes!”

As we pause to give thanks, to realize how fortunate we are, step into action.  There is so much of God’s work that needs to be done in the world.  Come up with an activity that works for your family!  Let me know what you were inspired to go do!  I’d love to share your stories in hopes of inspiring even more families into action!

I am truly thankful… thankful at how He has provided for us… thankful at how He continues to bless my life and the lives of those in our congregation… thankful at how He is working in our lives and preparing us for our future.  God is so good and we are truly blessed!


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