We Are Committed to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.

The people of Parker United Methodist Church are called to live this commitment in a variety of places and ways:

  • Locally, regionally, and internationally
  • Collectively, in small groups and as individuals
  • Through a broad commitment to individual service in our community
  • With both long term commitments and special emphasis on individual missions prayerfully selected annually by our Missions Committee
  • Each of us dedicating a portion of ourselves and our resources to bring the Living Christ into the lives of those in our community and extending to the global community

Feed My Starving Children

Thank you PUMC for packing your ONE MILLIONTH meal at our October 2019 pack!  The 6th Annual Parker MobilePack was a huge success, thanks to all of you that have donated and volunteered to contribute to the 303,000 meals that were packed. That brings our grand total to 1,190,000 meals since we started partnering with Feed My Starving Children.  We had over 1400 volunteers pass through our church this weekend, and thanks to everyone’s efforts, 831 children could potentially receive a meal a day for a year!

Would you like to serve on our missions committee?

If’ you’d like to be part of our missions committee that meets every 3rd Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. then please email Julie Kronbach or call her 303-658-0468.