Sunday School


In our story today, Jesus showed himself to the disciples after dying on the cross. No wonder the disciples were scared! But we don’t have to be afraid. Instead, we can be joyful. Jesus wanted the disciples—and wants us—to share the good news: Jesus is alive!

Luke 24:36b-48, Jesus Appears to Disciples

Sharing is Caring

Today our story comes from the book of Acts. Acts tells stories of action. Jesus’ disciples became action disciples for Jesus after he rose from the dead. They wanted the whole world to know about him!

Acts 4:32-35, Early Believers Share


Storytime with Mrs. Noelle!

Holy Week

All of these important events happened during the last week of Jesus’ life. The best news of all is that Holy Week isn’t the end of the story. We know that Easter is coming!


A sacrifice is when you help someone or give them something to make a difference in their life. Jesus’ whole life was one of sacrifice. He sacrificed throughout his life to care for others and love others.

John 12:20-33, Jesus Predicts His Death


God is always with us. Sometimes we have a hard time remembering that God is with us, but today’s story reminds us to look for God even when God seems hard to find.

Numbers 21:4-9, Moses and the Bronze Serpent

The Law

God wants us to live in a loving and safe way. The Ten Commandments are God’s boundaries to show us how to live. Just like we have rules at home and school to keep us safe.

The 10 Commandments, Exodus 20:1-17


Faith gives us the power to trust in God’s promises, and the faith of our ancestors makes it easier to trust God. Today we read a story about Paul. He reminds us that Abraham had faith because he trusted God. We can live in a way that shows others our faith on God.

Roman Believers, Romans 4:13-25

God’s Promise

Today’s story is about God’s promise to Noah and the rainbow. We often are concerned whether people will keep the promises they make. Today we let’s remember that even though people may not always be able to keep promises, God always keeps promises.

Noah, Genesis 9:8-17


In today’s story, two prophets, people who speak for God, were walking along when something incredibly spectacular, sparkly, and transforming happened! Elijah and Elisha led God’s people because they spoke for God. It’s our job to speak for God with our words and our actions.

Elijah and Elisha, 2 Kings 2:1-12


Today’s story is about Jesus healing people. God is everywhere—always on the move—to heal our hurts inside and out. Think about times you’ve been away from home and were sick, hurt, or sad. Jesus’ healing power is all around us.

Healing at Simon’s House, Mark 1:29-39


Today we will learn about God’s amazing power and love that surprises us sometimes. Today we will learn to use Jesus’ power to help our community! Jesus gives us his light and his power so we can be God’s hands and feet in the world.

Healing in the Synagogue, Mark 1:21-28


God wanted Jonah to tell the people of Nineveh how badly they had acted. That would have been a hard job. What do you do when someone asks you to do something that feels too difficult?

Jonah in Nineveh, Jonah 3:1-5, 10


Today our story is about a sleepy boy named Samuel, God, an old priest named Eli, and listening. It would be nice if God spoke to all of us like Samuel. But if that doesn’t happen, what other ways might God speak to you?

God Calls Samuel, 1Samuel 3:1-20


The wise men trusted God and followed the star to give gifts to Jesus. Today we learn to make time to give gifts to the ones we love this Christmas and throughout the year and to put God first in our lives.

Bible Story: Wisemen Matthew 2:1-12

Merry Christmas

Storytime with Ms. Noelle

Room for a Little One – by Martin Waddell

Merry Christmas

Storytime with Ms. Noelle

The Christmas Blessing – by Erin Guendelsberger


Bible Story: Jesus is Born Luke 2: 1-20

Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, and the angels were filled with love and joy the night Jesus was born! How do you show love to other? What Brings you joy?


Bible Story: Mary Visits Elizabeth Luke 1:39-55

In our story today, Mary shares some really exciting news with her cousin Elizabeth. Mary is going to give birth to God’s Son, Jesus! When have you heard good news?


 Bible Story: An Angel Visits Joseph Matthew 1:18-25

The angel Gabriel assured Joseph that something amazing was going to happen—Mary was going to give birth to God’s Son, Jesus. God was coming to earth to be with us! When have you felt like God was with you?


Bible Story: The Annunciation Luke 1:26-38

Mary’s story reminds us that Jesus was special from the very beginning. Through his miraculous birth, kids will begin to understand that God can do things in the world that might otherwise seem impossible. And these moments don’t stop. God keeps making the impossible happen again and again in the world—and usually in the places we least expect it!


Matthew 25:14 – 30

Don’t bury your treasures, but use the gifts God has given you. Use them to have fun. Use them to help others. Be thankful as you use them.


Matthew 25: 1-13

Today we learn about preparing for Jesus. This means being ready to serve when you see opportunities. We spend a lot of time preparing for Jesus during Advent and Lent, but we need to prepare in the ordinary time too.

All Saints Day

Hebrews 11 – 12:2

All Saints’ Day is an opportunity not only to remember and give thanks for those we love who have died, but also to remember and imagine our place in the world.  We too are living saints –imperfect saints – who are charged with sharing God’s Great Big Love with the people we know.


Matthew 22:34-46

Jesus says that loving others is our “rule number one.” But love isn’t just a rule. It’s a verb too! Love is something we do. We love God and love other people with our actions.


Matthew 22:15-22

We have been learning how generous God is. We take care of everything for God. We become more like Jesus when we practice giving to one another.


Symbol: Smiley Face

Philippians 4:1-9

Today’s theme is encouragement. When we encourage people, we do or say things that help them feel good. Church families come together to rejoice in God. Who can you encourage today?


Symbol: X

Matthew 21:33-46

When people reject us, God loves us and sees us as an important piece of the kingdom of God. It doesn’t matter what we look like, if we fit in, or if someone doesn’t like us. Jesus knows how we feel because he was rejected. Jesus wants us to learn from this story, he wants us to help and be kind to others, so that we aren’t the ones rejecting.


Symbol: Arrow

Matthew: 21:23-32

Actions are louder than words, have you heard that before? In our Bible story Jesus teaches us that it’s important to do good, not just say we are going to do good. Why is it important to do what you say you will do?


Symbol: coin

Matthew 20: 1-16

That’s not fair! Have you ever thought something should be fair and it wasn’t? We learn when things are not fair for us that we can be generous. God is generous with love; we are all loved by God whether we are first or last. Jesus asks us to be generous.


Symbol: dove

Matthew 18:21-35

Forgiveness can be hard, but it also can feel great! Jesus tells us to forgive without keeping track. Who can you forgive? Who has forgiven you?


Ephesians: 1:3-14

Today we learn about a letter that Paul wrote to a new church sharing the good news of God’s grace and to welcome them into God’s Family. God adopts us all into God’ family and calls us children of God.


Sometimes we argue and its hard to get along with everyone. Today Paul reminds us that we need to work together and help each other. When we work together with God’s great big love, we can do great things!

What is the Good News?

The Good News is Jesus! Jesus is the son of God, the Messiah just as promised throughout the Bible. Jesus came to Earth to teach us all about God’s great big love. Jesus wants us to love God, love ourselves and love all other people.


God asks us to love others and to do what is right. Sometimes friends ask us to do the wrong thing. This can feel tricky because you don’t want to hurt your friends feelings. God is in your heart and can help you have courage to do the right thing, just like Daniel did in the Bible. When you are faced with a hard choice, talk to God and ask for wisdom.

Name That Tune

Did you know that the book of Psalms has over 150 different songs in it? There are happy songs, sad songs, songs that offer thanks and wisdom. Psalms reminds us that it’s ok to be honest with God about all they ways we feel.


Queen Ester was brave. Maybe because she knew God was in her heart. Here is another story how God uses us to help others. How can you be Brave?


Today we learn how God used people to help others. In our Bible story we learn how Ezra and Nehemiah worked with people to create a safe place for the Israelites to live and worship God.  How can God use you to make the world a better place?

David and Goliath

When we depend of God for help and wisdom like David, we can be brave. Our story of David and Goliath reminds us that life is sometimes hard and may feel overwhelming. With God close by we can face giants.



Who is Ruth and why is she in the Bible? Love, this is a story of love and it reminds us of God’s great big love for us.

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Follow the Leader

Israel went for many years without a King. During this time God provided 12 leaders also known as Judges. God sent these Judges to guide the Israelites back to God. What would make a good leader?

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What’s the Law?

As we journey through the books of Law we discover that God has instructions for us. When we trust in God we remember that God is loving and forgiving.

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young-boy-hiking-overlooking-lake-wearing-cap-red hoodie-backpack

Let’s Look at Exodus

Let’s go! God helped the Israelites escape Egypt. Moses and the Israelites loved God and trusted that God would take care of them. We can trust that God will take care of us when things are not in our control.

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Today we look at the stories in Genesis to teach us to listen to God. As we explore these stories we remember the rainbow, a promise from God. When we put God first in our lives we know that we can trust God to take care of us.

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Let’s Look at Genesis

In the beginning God created! God created the world and us because we are loved.

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What Is the Bible?

Today we ask what is the Bible and what is it? Kids may wonder who wrote the Bible and why after all these years is it still important?

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Filled with the Holy Spirit

Acts 2:1-21

Today is a special day in the church year. It’s the birthday of the church! Today is the Day of Pentecost, a day when we celebrate how God’s Spirit blew like the wind into the disciples.

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Jesus Ascends

Acts 1:6-14

In our story, Jesus ascends, leaving the disciples to tell all the stories about God’s great big love and about Jesus. Now you can tell these stories too!

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The Spirit of Truth

John 14:15-21

Jesus came back to life on the first Easter morning many years ago, and Jesus is still alive today! We just can’t see Jesus. Even though we can’t see Jesus, Jesus’ Spirit is with us today. Jesus’ Spirit is called the Holy Spirit. Today we will learn that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be our helper.

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Living Stones, Choose People

1 Peter 2:2-10

During Easter we remember that Jesus is the strong stone our whole faith is built on. Jesus holds everything we believe together. Today we learn the early believers were encouraged by a letter that said God’s love helps our spirits grow. With Jesus as the cornerstone, God is building a strong faith in you!

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The Lord is my Shepherd

Psalms 23

We are still celebrating the Easter season because Easter lasts for fifty days! One of the things we remember during Easter is how much God loves us. God showed the greatest love for us by sending Jesus! How can we show God’s love to others?

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Road to Emmaus

Luke 24:13-35

Today we will explore how to recognize Jesus in our lives and in the lives of others. We see Jesus when we share love, do something helpful, ask questions, or trust God. These are things Jesus did!

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Matthew 28:1-10

Join me to celebrate the Good news that Jesus is alive! We celebrate Easter every year because what happened to Jesus is such good news! When we hear good news, we feel like telling everyone!

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Lent 6 – Hosanna

Palm Sunday

Matthew 23:1-11, 26:14-27:66

Today is the last Sunday in the season of Lent. It’s Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday, we celebrate Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. Crowds of people lined the street, waving palm branches and shouting, “Hosanna!” which means “Save us!” What would you shout if you saw Jesus riding down the road?

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Lent 5 – Grief

Bible Story: Jesus Raises Lazarus

John 11:1-45

Today is the fifth Sunday in the season of Lent. Lent is a time of learning about being God’s people through prayer, giving, sacrifice, and worship. In our Bible story today, people are grieving. Grief is a type of sadness that we feel when we lose someone or something we love. Our Bible story will teach us about having hope—even when we are grieving.

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Lent 4 – Heart

Bible Story: Samuel Anoints David

1 Samuel 16:1-13

During Lent, we think about who we are as God’s people. Sometimes we spend a lot of time thinking about who we are on the outside. We think about what we are wearing, how well we play sports, or who our friends are. But God is concerned about who we are on the inside. God knows our hearts. In our Bible story we will read that God saw David as a true leader because of what was inside of him, not because he looked and acted like a leader on the outside.

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Lent 3 – Water

Bible Story: Woman at the Well

John 4:5-42

What do we need to keep us alive? If you said water, you are correct! Today in our Bible story Jesus teaches us that God’s great big love is our living water. Jesus fills us up with love.

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Lent 2 – Eternal

Bible Story: Jesus and Nicodemus

John 3:1-17

Today we will read a Bible story where Nicodemus asks Jesus some questions. Jesus teaches us that God’s great big love last forever! No matter where we go, what we do, or even what we understand or don’t understand, we can know that God’s love never ends.

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Lent 1 – Consequences

Bible Story: Adam and Eve

Genesis 2:15 – 17, 3:1 – 7

Today we start our first class in Lent. During Lent, we remember that God loves us so much that God sent Jesus to show us forgiveness. We will read about Adam and Eve and how they were tempted. When we’re tempted to disobey, there can be big consequences. But God never leaves us or stops loving us.

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Jesus Calms the Storm

Mark 4:35-41

Today’s Bible story is about Jesus calming a storm. The disciples were afraid of the storm and woke Jesus up. They were amazed when the storm stopped after he said, “Peace! Be still!” Jesus is always with us and will keep us calm when we are afraid.

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Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

Mark 2:1-12

How do you feel when someone helps you? In today’s Bible story, we will learn how four friends work together to help a man with a disability meet Jesus.

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Jesus Teaches about Prayer

Matthew 6:5-15

In today’s story Jesus climbs up a mountain to teach his disciples how to pray. They didn’t know everything about prayer, and we don’t either. We can learn, just as they did!

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Jesus Blesses the Children

Mark 10:13-16.

What does it mean to belong? We belong to our families, our schools, and our church. We also belong to God. Jesus taught us that all people belong to God—even kids! When Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me,” he showed everyone that kids are important people of God.

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Many Follow Jesus

Luke 5:1-11; 6:12-16; 8:1-3

Our church family works together to love and serve others. Jesus needed helpers too, so he called people to follow him as disciples. Today we will learn about Jesus’ first disciples and other people who traveled around with him, cared for him, loved him, and supported him.

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Boy Jesus in the Temple

Luke 2:41-52

Today’s Bible story is about traditions when Jesus was a boy. Jesus was celebrating a tradition that is very old. Families have all kinds of traditions, and churches have traditions, too! In today’s story, twelve-year-old Jesus is in the temple to learn from the teachers—and to teach them, too!

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After the flurry of secular Christmas is past and Santa returns to the North Pole, we continue to celebrate Christmas and gift giving with the story of the wise men. The wise men brought gifts to Jesus, what gifts do you offer?

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Christmas Day!

Today Miss Noelle will be reading The Christmas Blessing. It’s a wonderful story with fun pictures and the telling of the Christmas story.

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Advent – Love

It is the fourth and last week of Advent. We are learning that we can’t wait for Hope, Peace, Joy and today we celebrate Love! Our story today reminds us not to be afraid, God loves us. Our Bible story is Matthew 1:18 – 25.

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Advent – Joy

It’s the third week in Advent and we are lighting the candles of, Hope, Peace and Joy today! What brings us joy? Jesus does! Jesus is coming. In our Bible story, John asks Jesus if he is the Messiah, the one they have been waiting for. Jesus said yes! He had come to bring God’s blessings; this brings us joy! Our Bible story is Matthew 11:2-11.

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Advent – Peace

This is the second week in Advent. Today we light the candles of Hope and Peace.  Our Bible story is about welcoming, praising, rejoicing, and hoping in God. Paul writes that we are called to truly welcome all. Our Bible story is Romans 15:4-13

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Advent – Hope

Today we begin the Advent Season. We light the candle of hope while learning about the new season. Our story tells us ways to dream of a hope filled world. Our Bible story is Isaiah 2:1-5.

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Following Jesus

Bible Story: Luke 5:1-11; 6:12-16; 8:1-3

What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus? Today’s Bible story is about Jesus calling disciples to follow him. When we learn about Jesus and share what we’ve learned with others we are being disciples.

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Working Together

Bible Story: 2 Thessalonians 3: 6-13

Our story today is from a letter written by one of Jesus’ most dedicated followers—Paul. Paul traveled the world to tell everyone about Jesus.  He reminds us that we do God’s work best when we do it together.

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All Saints Day

We are exploring All Saints Day by celebrating those who came before us! Saints are people who show God’s love to the world around them. Saints are people who follow God and invite others to follow too. Saints are people who keep trying to do what God wants them to do. Today we will think about the saints in our lives.  

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Planting Seeds

Bible Story: Matthew 13:1-23

Today’s Bible story is from Matthew’s gospel, and it is a parable called The Sower. The seeds from different plants are unique, and every seed grows into just what it’s supposed to be! Do you wonder if we are like seeds planted by God? Today we talk about using our talents to help others.

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People of Hope

Bible Story: Matthew 5: 13-20

We learn that Jesus tells us to be like salt and light. We will learn that if we are like salt and light, we can make a difference. Even if we’re small, like a grain of salt or a little lamp, we can shine for Jesus. We learned that we could put our lights together and shine even brighter!

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People of Baptism

Bible Story: Mark 1: 4-11

Today’s Bible story is about Jesus’ baptism. Baptism may look different now than when Jesus was baptized. And baptism may look different in different churches. But some things about baptism are the same no matter where or when it happens, God blesses all of us. 

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The Lord is My Shepherd

Bible Story: Psalms 23

Today’s Bible story is about how a shepherd, like David, cares for sheep, and how we are cared for by God in similar ways.

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Rejoice in the Lord Always

Bible Story: Philippians 4:1-9

Paul was writing a letter to his friends in the church in Philippi. He had heard they were having some trouble getting along. This letter has three parts. First, Paul reminds his friends to try to get along. Then he tells them to rejoice and be happy. Finally, he challenges them to focus on good things. We all need people like Paul in our life, to encourage us as we practice living like Jesus. We can also encourage one another. 

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Imitate Christ with Joy

Bible Story: Matthew 21:23 – 32

Our Bible story today emphasizes that all my actions show people who Jesus is. Today we are reminded that actions are important as we follow Jesus. We can act like Jesus at school, at church, and when we play with friends. Actions matter!

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Love with Joy

Bible Story: Philippians 1:1–14

Today we learn how Paul was happy, even when locked up in jail, because God was with him. Paul knew that God keeps promises. Paul wrote a letter to his friends in Philippi telling them that God was with him, even in jail.

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God Provides 

Bible Story: Isaiah 55:1- 9 

There are a lot of people in our lives who take care of us and provide for us. Today we will hear a story about Isaiah, one of God’s prophets, who reminded God’s people that God provides for them.

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Live in Love

Bible Story: 1 John 4:7 – 21 

We love other people because God loves us! Our story reminds us that “when we live in love, we live in God, and God’s love lives in us.” God’s church is all about love

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Kids climbing indoor rock wall.

Perseverance: Finding Nemo

Bible story: James 1:2-6

Today we will talk about perseverance and how God is with us as we keep working to achieve our goals. This week’s sermon series uses the Disney/Pixar movie “Finding Nemo” as a modern-day story to help us understand.  Many times during the movie we are reminded to “keep swimming.”

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Coco: Remember Me

It was time for God’s people to cross the Jordan River into the new land. They had to have faith that God could help them cross the river safely. Afterwards Joshua told 12 people to gather rocks from the river to use a monument. This will be a reminder of how God helped them. Today we will take time to remember the people in our family and thank God for giving us these relationships.

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You’ve Got a Friend in Me

The Bible is full of stories about friends: Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan, Jesus and the disciples, Mary and Martha, Lazarus and Jesus. There are all kinds of friend stories. Today’s story about friends is from John’s Gospel. In this story Jesus describes what he will do for his friends. 

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Red Sea

In today’s Bible story, Moses is leading the Israelites away from Egypt. Moses had worked hard to win their release. Most of them had probably never left the city, and now they were wandering around the desert. They didn’t know where they were going. Neither did Moses, but he asked for directions from the greatest guide of all. God rescued the Hebrew people from Pharaoh’s army. God rescues us, too.

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10 Plagues

In our story, Pharaoh thinks that he is just as powerful as God. God uses plagues to show Pharaoh and the people of Egypt, that God is more powerful than anyone.

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Baby Moses

God appeared to Moses in the burning bush and called him to be a good, strong leader for the Israelites. Have any of you ever gotten a call from God before? Maybe not on the phone, but God calls us every day just like God called Moses to do something very important. God has special work for each of us to do, too. God promised to be with Moses and help him do the special job Moses was called to do. God makes that same promise to you and to me. God will always be with us to help us respond to our calling.

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Baby Moses

Our Spark Word today is “protect.” There is a lot of protecting in the story of Baby Moses. Moses’ mom protects him by placing him in a basket on the river. God protects Baby Moses when he is floating in the basket. Pharaoh’s daughter protects Baby Moses by agreeing to care for him. Miriam protects Baby Moses by suggesting that Moses’ own mom could help raise him. That’s a lot of protecting! Listen and see if you can pick out any more examples of protection today.

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Science Workshop! Jonah and the Big Fish from Jonah 1-4

God talks to us in mysterious ways. Think about the sailors in the story. I wonder they knew Jonah was responsible for the stormy weather…God was telling the sailors that Jonah was responsible, and God was telling Jonah that he better do what he was supposed to do. Today we will make rain sticks to help us to remember to listen to God.

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Art Workshop! Jonah and the Big Fish from Jonah 1-4

We are learning how important it was for Jonah to tell God’s story. We will create a project to help us remember that it’s important for us to tell God’s story.

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Science Workshop! Noah’s Ark from Genesis 6-9

Have you ever wondered what it would be like on Noah’s ark? Build Noah’s ark using popsicle sticks, drinking straws and cling wrap. God gave Noah a big job because God knew Noah could handle it. Today we remember that God is with us, even when we have big jobs to complete!

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Ark Workshop! Noah’s Ark from Genesis 6-9

We are learning all about Noah and his ark today! After God washed the earth with a flood, God promised never to flood the earth again. Then God put a sign of this promise in the sky. Today in out art workshop we will be creating rainbows!

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Bible Story: Day of Pentecost from Acts 2: 1- 21

Today we celebrate the Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit appeared as a burning flame to the early followers of Jesus. We often think of Pentecost as the birthday—the beginning—of the Christian church.  Join me as we learn more about this.

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Bible Story: Paul and Silas from Acts 16:16 -34
Do you like surprises? Can you think of a time when you were surprised? In our Bible stories Paul and Silas were in jail when an earthquake hit. After that, there was surprise after surprise after surprise! God is always faithful, always with us. 

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Bible Story: John 14:23 – 29 (Promise of the Holy Spirit)

Today is all about the Trinity—that’s the way many Christians understand one God in three parts: God the Creator, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. As Jesus prepared to leave his disciples, he promised to send the Holy Spirit to remind everyone that God is always present. 

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Bible Story:  Revelation 21:1-6 (New Heaven and Earth)

Today we learn that we are all and always love by God. We talk about how God is an awesome creator and inventor. We think about things we could invent to make our world better.

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Bible Story: Acts 9:36-43 (Peter Raises Tabitha)

Today we talk about people that work hard for others. Who do you know that helps others? Our Bible story about a miracle that happened with Peter. We also talk about ways to console people when they are sad because they know someone who has died. For our craft we will make a card for someone.

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Bible Story: Road to Emmaus, Luke 24:13-35

In our story today the disciples did not recognize Jesus. He wasn’t in a disguise and the disciples did not have a blindfold. But it still took the disciples a long time to figure out that it was Jesus. Join us to discover not everything is exactly what we think it is at first glance. 

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Bible Story: Thomas Wonders, John 20:19 – 31

Do you ever have questions? One of the disciples had questions about Jesus being alive. Would you have a hard time believing Jesus is alive without seeing? It’s good to ask questions! Today we talk about faith and learn that asking questions helps our faith grow.

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Holy Week

We start with the arrival of Jesus with shouting and praising then we continue with the Last supper bringing us to Good Friday ending with hopeful anticipation of Easter morning. 

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Bible Story: Jesus Raises Lazarus

Bible Verse: Psalm 91:2 He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust

In today’s lesson we talk about our feelings. Sometimes we are sad, even Jesus was sad. We learn that believing in Jesus means we can always have hope!

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Bible Story: Samuel Anoints David

1 Samuel 16:1-13

Bible Verse: Psalm 91:2 He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust 

Today we learn that no matter how we are feeling, God looks at our heart and loves us. We will read the Bible story about anointing David and watch the Whirl kids figure out what it means to be anointed.

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Bible Story: Woman at the Well

John 3:1-17

Bible Verse: Psalm 91:2 He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust

Today’s Bible story teaches us that God’s love is our living water. Water keeps us alive and so does love! We will make a craft using watercolors and salt to remember the Bible verse!

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Bible Story: Jesus and Nicodemus

John 3:1-17

Bible Verse: Psalm 91:2 He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust

Today we talk about being in the season of Lent. Our Bible story reminds us that God loves the whole world and we are part of that! We will decorate our handprint to remind us that God is with us everywhere we go.

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Bible Story: Jesus Alone in the Wilderness

Luke 4: 1-4

Today we talk about Lent, we learn that we are in a new season, we are preparing our hearts for Easter. In this series we will learn the Lord’s prayer and practice saying it each week. We talk about making promises and what happens if we break a promise.

Video coming March 6th!


Bible Story: The Transfiguration

Bible Verse: Luke 9:28 – 36

Anchor Point: I am a beloved child of God

In this story, Jesus and three of his disciples go up a mountain where Jesus’ appearance changes dramatically. When Jesus is transfigured, his true identity as both human and God is revealed. We also get to meet a new group of kids to help us learn our Bible stories. For the craft we will be using our fingerprints to help us remember that God gave each of us a unique identity. 

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Jairus’s Daughter

Bible Story: Mark 5: 21-24, 35-43  

Bible Verse: Who then is it? Even the wind and the sea obey him! Mark 4:41

Anchor Point: Jesus shows God’s power

In our Bible story today, we will hear about Jesus touching a young girl’s hand and healing her.  This is another story when Jesus teaches us that God is amazing and powerful. We will make a get well card for people who are sick.

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Jesus Calms the Storm

Bible Story: Mark 4: 35-41

Bible Verse: Who then is it? Even the wind and the sea obey him! Mark 4:41

Anchor Point: Jesus shows God’s power

In the Bible story we learn that Jesus reminded his disciples that they could trust God. When life gets rough, God is with us. Jesus teaches us that God is amazing and powerful. We will make a storm in a bottle. Supplies are: empty water bottle or jar, oil (any kind will work) or clear glue and glitter or confetti if you have any. You will want to secure the lid with duct tape or hot glue.

Watch the Video!

The Four Friends

Bible Story: Mark 2: 1-12

Bible Verse: Who then is it? Even the wind and the sea obey him! Mark 4:41

Anchor Point: Jesus shows God’s power

Today we hear the Bible story about 4 amazing friends that go out of their way to help their friend so Jesus could heal him. We will make snowflake hearts to remind us about the friends that showed a lot of love to their friend.

Watch the video!

Jesus Walks on Water

Bible Story: John 6:16 – 25

Today we will hear the story of Jesus walking on the water, we are reminded that God is amazing and powerful. We will recycle some plastic bags and play like the kids in Kenya do!

Watch the Video!

A Boy’s Lunch

Bible Story: John 6: 1-15

In today’s Bible story, we hear about a time when Jesus used a boy’s lunch to feed a lot of people. The Blue Kids are in Africa. We will read a story that is from Kenya that will remind us of the bible story.

Watch the Video!

Jesus and the Children

Bible Story: Matthew 19:13 – 15

Today we will hear the story of Jesus and the children. Jesus reminded his disciples that God’s love is for everyone. Jesus talked to his disciples about the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven was the way Jesus described what it would be like if everyone were living as God wants us to. We will make a self-portraits to remind us that we are children of God.

Video Available January 16

A Voice in the Wilderness

Bible Story: Mark 1:9-11

During this month we will be learning that God sent Jesus to tell us about God.  Today we meet John the Baptist when he baptizes Jesus. We will make a changing heart art activity to remember that John the Baptist told people change their hearts.

Watch the Video!


We spent all of Advent preparing our hearts and minds for the coming of Jesus. And now it’s officially the Christmas season. Jesus is here! We have made room for Jesus. We will read a Christmas book, “The Noisy Night” by Jill Roman Lord. And celebrate Christmas.

Watch the Video!

Fourth Sunday in Advent


What is love?  How does God show love to us? Today’s book is called, “The Give Away” by Ray Buckley. We will think about how we can show love to others, like God shows love to us.

Watch the Video!

Third Sunday in Advent


Today we are looking for JOY. How can God’s Great Big Love bring you joy? We will read the story, “The Quiltmaker’s Gift” by Jeff Brumbeau. The rich king had everything he wanted, but he didn’t have any joy. Watch and find out how the king found joy. How can you share the gift of joy this week?

Watch the Video!

Second Sunday in Advent


One way we can prepare our hearts for Jesus is by making room in our lives for what matters most. Who matter most to you? How can you make room for them? We make room for our family and our friends. Sometimes God is asking us to make room for people we are angry with. How can you show God’s Great Big Love with those people? We will read the book, “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. In the story the animals were not friends with each other, in fact they were enemies. Yet in the story, they made room for each other. Who can you make peace with this week?

Watch the Video!

First Sunday in Advent


We are beginning a special season in church that helps us get ready for Christmas. This season is called advent. We celebrate advent in a lot of different ways, such as lighting the candles on the advent wreath. Each of the 4 candles represents a week in advent. Today we will light a candle that has a special name: hope. Today we remember that God’s son came to earth to bring hope to everyone. We will read “Not a Box” by Antoinette Portis and meet a bunny that is full of hope.

Watch the Video!

Stewardship: Jesus Uses What We Give Him

Bible Story: Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

John 6:1 – 14

Jesus loves us! When we give to Jesus, he will use whatever it is. Jesus knew the big crowds would get hungry. He took food from a small boy’s lunch and made enough to feed thousands with food leftover. We will do an activity with a piece of paper and see that it can be more than it started out as. 

Watch the video!

Stewardship: We Give Our Treasures to God

Bible Story: Widow’s Offering

Mark 12:41 – 44

Today we learn that no matter what we have, we should give back to God. Jesus went to the temple and watched people give offerings. What stood out to Jesus was the widow who gave two small coins. The widow gave all that she had. We will think of ways to be generous with others.

Watch the video today!

Stewardship: We Use Our Time for God

Bible Story: Nehemiah Gives his Time to Rebuild the Wall

Nehemiah 2:1 – 6:16

It’s important to find time for God. Nehemiah had a big job to do. He asked people to help him rebuild the walls around Jerusalem. The people used their time for God by working together to complete a difficult project. When we do things that please God, we’re using our time for God. We will make an optical illusion to illustrate focusing on God.

Watch the video today!

Joseph and his Brothers

Genesis 37: 1–36; 42: 1–46: 34

We continue our family unit. Today we look at Joseph and his family. He had a big family, how big is your family? We will learn all about Joseph’s adventurous life, the good and no so good times. Joseph learned to thank God for all his blessings, we will write a thank you for each of our family members.

Watch the Video today!

Jesus Calms the Storm

Mark 4:35-41

Happy Halloween! We sometimes get scared, maybe in the dark or of spiders or thunderstorms. Our Bible story tells us about Jesus’ friends that got scared and how Jesus was there for them, just as Jesus is here for us. We will also read a fun book, “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything” by Linda Williams. We will make a fun pumpkin reminding us that Jesus loves us.

Watch the video today!


Luke 10:38-42

More Sisters! Our Bible story family members are sisters, Mary and Martha. Mary and Martha listened and served Jesus. Helping others in our family and our neighbors is a way to share God’s love. We will make a card for others reminding them that Jesus loves them!

Watch the video today!

Moses and His Sister

Exodus 1:8–2:10

The family we will learn about today is Moses and his sister, Miriam. Do you have a brother or a sister?  Today our Bible story is about how a big sister helped keep her baby brother safe. We will think of ways that we can keep our families safe. We will have an art project of baby Moses.

Watch the video today!

Family Blessings

Genesis 25:19-34, 27:1-46

Bible Verse: Psalm 133:1

Today we talk about blessings. We will think about our families and how we are blessed to have each other. The Bible story tells us that Isaac gives his son a blessing. Isaac though he gave the blessing to Esau, but it was Jacob. How do you get along with others that are different than you?

Watch the Video here!

Bible 101 Session 4

The New Testament

Today we will work through the Gospels, History and the Letters. We have a few more worksheets that will help us learn what’s in the New Testament.

Watch the video here!


Joshua 6:1-27

This month we have been learning about Joshua. Today we will hear the story of the Israelites taking over the city of Jericho. We will make horns to help remember the story.

Watch the Video!

Bible 101 Session 3

Old Testament Part Two

During this session we will look at the rest of the Old Testament, History, Poetry and Prophets. We continue to practice looking up Bible verses and finding different parts of the Bible.

Watch the video!

Crossing the Jordan

Joshua 3:1-17, 4:1-24

Today we are continuing to hear the story of Joshua. Today’s story talks about twelve stones, we will do some rock art and talk about family stories.

Watch the Video!

Bible 101 Session 2

Old Testament Part One

Today we take a closer look at part of the Old Testament. We will learn that the first 5 books tell some familiar stories and the laws God made for people. We will practice looking up Bible verses and finding the books of Law in the Bible.

Watch the Video!

We choose to serve God

Spies in Canaan

Joshua 2:1-24

In today’s Bible story we will hear about two spies that hid from the King’s guards! We will make a paper chain to help remember the story. We also say a prayer together about choosing to put God first in our lives.

Watch the video!

Read-Aloud Sunday 

“When God Made the World”

by Matthew Paul Turner

Illustrated by Gillian Gamble

In the book we will follow a young boy as he and his friends take a journey through God’s beautiful and amazing creation of our world.

Watch the Video!

God Chooses Joshua

Joshua 1:1-9

Today we will hear the Bible story, “God Chooses Joshua.” We will learn that God was with Joshua to help him be a good leader, and we will remember that God is with us too. We learn a new Bible verse while making our craft.

Watch the Video!

Elisha and the Servant Girl

2 Kings 5:1-19

Today we will continue to learn that with God’s help, we can do great things! We will hear the Bible story about a man who had a skin disease and how he was healed. We will make get well cards for others.

Watch the Video!

Elisha and the Widow’s Jars

2 Kings 4:1-17

The theme continues, With God’s help, we can do great things! Today we will hear about a time when a woman received God’s help. Kids will learn that asking for help is good, we will talk about who we can ask. We will also make a craft. You will need paper, scissors and something to write with. 

Watch the Video!

Jonah and the Big Fish

Book of Jonah

With God’s help, we can do great things! This week we talk about Jonah. Sometimes we feel like running away, like Jonah did. We learn that God is with us, and that we can do anything with God close to our hearts. We hear the story of Jonah and make art to remind us to ask God for help.

Watch the Video!

Book of Ruth

Ruth and Naomi

Friends love and care for one another.

Who is your best friend? In the Bible, Proverbs 17:17 says; “Friends love all the time.” Today we will learn about a loving friendship between Ruth and Naomi. We will create a wheat field and answer some riddles.

Watch the Video!

With God’s Help, We Can Do Great Things

Elijah and the Prophets:1 Kings 18:20-39

Elijah tried to remind the Israelites that God is the only true God. The Israelites had forgotten and were worshipping other gods. Elijah reminded the people to put God first.

Watch the Video!

Courageous Daniel

Daniel 6:1-28 Today we talk about prayer and how praying is a great way to connect with God. In our Bible story we learn about a man named Daniel who had the courage to remain faithful to God even though it meant facing lions! 

Watch the Video!

Courageous Friends

Daniel 3: 1-30 In our Bible Story, three friends showed courage, even when life was very scary! It is good to have friends who can help us have courage when we need to be brave! Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were the friends who taught us that nothing is more important than God.

Watch the Video!

Courageous Queen

Esther was a courageous woman whose actions helped save the lives of Jewish people. When we are feeling scared or afraid we can pray and ask God to give us courage. We can also pray for others, like the Jewish people prayed for Queen Esther. 

Watch the Video!


Bible Verse: Acts 27: 1-44

Paul took his commitment to sharing God’s love seriously! He often got into trouble with the Jewish and Roman leaders. Our story today is about an adventure Paul had while traveling to Rome as a prisoner. Even in challenging situations Paul showed people how to trust in God. We will make some art with the memory verse and the Deep Blues kids say goodbye to Aurora.

Watch the Video here!


This week watch the story time video to learn about Ascension, Pentecost and the Growing Time. Laura Alary (Author of this book, Breathe) guides young and old to wonder about and watch for the presence and work of the Spirit here and now… Celebrate the growth of the church with your family.

Watch the Video Here!


Bible Story: Acts 16: 11-15

Bible Verse: Change your hearts and lives Acts 2:38

God wants us to share the good news of Jesus with everyone. Sharing God’s love means loving others. We can do this by praying for friends as well as strangers. Today we will watch the Deep Blue kids tell us a story about a woman that heard a story of God and it opened her heart! We will learn a new memory verse and make a purple craft. 

Watch the Video Here!

Timothy is Chosen

Acts 16:1-5 and 2 Timothy 3:14-15

Today we learn about another friend of Paul, Timothy. The Deep Blue Kids are still in Alaska, we will learn about the Native Youth Olympics. We will play one of these games, plus a trivia game!

Watch Video Here!

The Church Grows

Bible Verse: He began to preach about Jesus in the synagogues. “He is God’s Son,” he declared. Acts 9:20

In Sunday School this week we will be talking about friendship. The Bible story is about Paul and his friend Barnabas. Barnabas trusted Paul and helped others know that they could trust Paul, too. We will play “Would You Rather” and make some friendship art.

Watch the video here!

Paul Escapes

Last week we learned about how Paul’s heart was changed, but he had a lot of work to do to show he was trustworthy. The Bible story is about a time when people did not trust Paul.  Join us for the Bible Story Video with the Deep Blue kids as they explore Alaska, we will play a game and dance!

Watch the Video Here!

Paul Changes

Today we listen to a Bible story (Acts 9: 1-19) about Paul and how his life changes in a big way! We will play a game, dance and learn a new Bible verse. Join us!

Watch the Video Here!

The Road to Emmaus

If Jesus showed up in person in your life, what would you say to him? In Sunday school we read “The Road to Emmaus” and talk about things that remind us of God. We also make a craft and play a game.

Watch the Video Here!


Jesus brings us hope and new life. What are your hopes and dreams? Join us for Sunday School as we celebrate Easter. We will read a wonderful story, “The Mystery of Easter,” play games and make butterflies.

Watch the video here!

Palm Sunday

Matthew 21:1-11

On Palm Sunday the people welcomed Jesus with cheers. How can we honor Jesus today? In Sunday School we play charades and read the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem. Join us for a game, story and an art activity!

Watch the video here!

The Golden Calf

Today’s lesson is from Exodus 32:1-14. Sometimes we get busy in life and forget to put God first. This week we talk about how it’s easy to get distracted and we forget to put God first. We learn that God is loving and forgiving. We will also learn a new way to pray.

Watch the video here!

Jesus Goes to the Mountain to Pray

In our Bible Story Jesus goes and prays. Sometimes we get stuck on prayer, today we talk about different ways to pray. Join us as we learn some fun and different ways to talk with God.

Watch the Video Here!

The Woman at the Well

Have you ever wondered how Jesus can love us, even when we sometimes do things that make us sad? In Sunday School we learn that Jesus loves us, just as we are. Jesus loves everyone. Today we are racing with cups, reading a Bible Story and making a craft. Join us on YouTube!

Watch the video here!

Facing the Dark to Reach the Light

Today’s lesson is taken from John 3: 1 – 17, the story of Nicodemus. Have you ever had questions about the Bible? A man in our Bible Story had a lot of questions, even though he studied all of the rules. He was confused! Join us as we read the Bible story, act like a ninja and make a craft that reminds us about God’s Great Big Love!

Click here to watch the video.

Called to An Abundant Life

“I am the Gate.” Join us for the first Sunday in Lent. We read from the Bible (John 10:7-11) and talk about the words that Jesus said, “I am the Gate.” Why would Jesus say He is the gate? We talk about what that means and why he said that. We play a game and make a craft from the Lent kits.

Click here to watch the lesson


Our lesson today is from Mark 9: 2 – 9. Join Noelle for Sunday School as we learn about Jesus and how his appearance changed. We will watch a short Bible Story cartoon and then build a tabernacle! Coloring pages included for an extra activity.

Click here to watch the lesson

Click here to download the coloring pages

Have You Not Heard?

Today we read out of the Bible and learn to “hang in there” when things get tough. With God in our hearts we will have the strength to do anything! Join us for a fun strength challenge and a printable craft.

Click here to watch the lesson

Click here to download the craft

As One with Authority

Our lesson is based on Mark 1:21-28. Has anyone ever surprised you? In today’s Bible story, Jesus surprises many people. These people realize that they should listen to Jesus. We will read this story from the Bible, play a game and color.

Watch the Video Here

Click here to download the coloring page

Jonah’s Big Adventure

Join me for Sunday School as we discuss the different emotions we have. We will Learn about Jonah who had a lot of different emotions, some of these feelings are just like our feelings. Find out about Jonah’s big adventure and how he handled his emotions.  We also play a game and have a craft attached.

Watch the Video Here

Click here to download the craft

What Do You Hear?

This week’s lesson is based on 1Samuel 3:1-10 Check out Sunday School this week! We will be playing some listening games and reading a Bible story about God talking to a kid! Would you recognize God’ voice? Does Samuel know who is talking to him? We have a craft to remind us to listen to God, plus a coloring page.

Watch the Video Here

Click here for the coloring sheet and craft.

By Water and The Spirit

Join me for Sunday School where we learn about Jesus’ baptism and think about the wonderful people in our own lives that love us and teach us about God. We play a game trying to cross the Jordan River and make a dove, a sign of the Holy Spirit.  There is a fun coloring page to go with this lesson as well. You may want to color while listening to the story.

Watch the Video Here

Download the Coloring Page Here

The Star

This week our Bible Story comes from Matthew 2:1-12, the wise men said, “When they saw the star, they were filled with joy.” Our lesson will ask what fills you with joy and how can you share that with others? There is also a coloring sheet and a new years hope and goal setting page. Click here to download the lesson and coloring sheet.

Advent 2020 Lessons

For the Advent Season we will be learning to prepare our hearts with joy for the birth of Jesus. We will light the advent candle, have crafts and stories about Christmas. Be sure to request an advent box, it is full of supplies for each craft. For more information, email Noelle @ [email protected]

Week One

Today we will be preparing our hearts for the birth of Jesus and light the candle of Hope. We will read, “The Story of Christmas.” Today we have two crafts, an ornament plus we will start our nativity set. Watch the video here.

Week Two

Advent Sunday School Week Two

This week is all about the animals! We light the second candle, love. How do the animals show love in the Christmas story? We will make nativity animals, read “The Friendly Beasts” and make the ornament of love. Watch the video here.

Advent Sunday school Week Three

Today we light the third advent candle, the candle of Joy.  We will learn about the message shepherds received in the fields, plus play a game herding sheep. We will make the JOY ornament and make our shepherd for the nativity scene. Click here to watch the video.

Advent Sunday School Week Four

Today we light the fourth candle of advent, which stands for Jesus, as the Prince of Peace 

We are going to play a game, read the story of “Herald the Christmas Star” and make some crafts. The video will be available Sunday morning, Dec. 20 by 8 am, right here. To watch the video click here.

Advent Sunday School Week Five

Today we light the Christ Candle, a symbol of the birth of Jesus, God among us. 

We will play a game of “Hot & Cold,” make some crafts and read “The Story of the Three Wise Kings.” The video will be available Sunday morning, Dec. 27 by 8 am. Click here to watch.

The Story of Joseph

The story of Joseph is a captivating tale of a boy who endured many hard things. His faith in God led him out of these hard times and helped him to become one of Egypt’s greatest leaders and allowed him to save his family from a time of hunger and famine. Joseph’s story is one of faith, forgiveness and the power of God to create good things out of tragedy.

Week One

Joseph and His Brothers Genesis 37: 1-36. Today we will meet Joseph and his brothers. His brothers get angry at him. Let’s see how his brothers handle the situation. We will color a beautiful coat for Joseph to wear. We have some cool coloring pages that go with this lesson. Click here to download them.

Now it’s time to enjoy the video. Click Here to Watch!

Week Two

Joseph in Egypt Genesis 39: 1-40:23

Today we will be reading about Joseph in Egypt after he was sold. What happened to him, how did God talk to him? Since Joseph went to Egypt we will make a pyramid. Watch the video here.

Click here for to download the foldable pyramid template.

Week Three

Joseph Saves the Day Genesis 41: 1-57 Do you have a lot of dreams? Today we learn about the Pharaoh’s dreams and what they mean. Find out what Joseph has to do with the Pharaoh’s dreams. We will make an illustration of our own dreams. Click here to watch the video!

Week Four

Joseph and His Brothers Reunited Genesis 42: 1-46:34

Today Joseph’s brothers ask him for help. Does Joseph help them? Does he forgive them? We also talk about things and people we are thankful for. We will make Thankful Stones. Click here to watch the video!

Click here to download the coloring pages.

Kingdom Rock!

Are you looking for your kids to learn about God’s great big love, but can’t commit to an hour each week, especially on a screen? Every Sunday in October a new short video will be available. Each video contains a bible story, craft and short animation connecting the kids to the Bible story. Each video is about 10 to 15 minutes long and there is a free craft kit that contains all of the craft supplies needed for the entire month. Just a fun way to connect to God without a bunch of computer time!

Click here to sign up for your craft kit.

Week One

God’s love helps us STAND STRONG! We will read what David wrote about God’s love in Psalms 23. Make a crown suitable for any king or queen.  Today we meet Chaddar the Chipmunk. Will Chaddar be strong enough for movie stunts to help his friend Joey? Find out on Adventures with Chaddar!  Click here to watch!

Week Two

Today we learn that family and friends help us STAND STRONG! We meet Queen Ester, who uses the support from her cousin Mordecai to make a tough decision. In Chaddar’s Adventure he discovers someone is stealing the castle’s treasure, find out who! Click here to watch!

Week Three

Prayer helps us STAND STRONG! We read how Nehemiah perseveres to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, Nehemiah 1-6. Create a megaphone to shout our prayers to God. During Chaddar’s Adventures you will see if chipmunks know how to joust. Click here to watch!

Week Four

The Bible helps us STAND STRONG! We read how King Josiah follows God’s way. 2Kings 22:1-23, 23:23. Create a torch to let your light shine. We get two Adventures with Chaddar, will he be able to escape the dungeon room and will he defeat the bad guys and restore the castle’s treasure to Joey and his dad? Click here to watch!

Where in the World is God?

You are invited to board a virtual airplane to discover “Where in the World is God!” You will discover that God is everywhere – around the globe and in our own homes and hearts! You can expect music, memory verses, Bible stories, a positive message of hope and joy plus much more!

Join Noelle Allison, Director of Children and Families, via Zoom on Sunday mornings to take this adventure or watch the videos at home, anytime that works with your family! The videos will be added weekly and are available below.

For more information, or questions about the process, please contact Noelle, [email protected]

Day One Video

In this video, we are traveling all over Texas, and learning about the story of Jonah!

Day Two Video

Our travels today cover Kentucky, Colorado, Florida, Arkansas AND Texas! We’ll be learning about a donkey who had a special role in showing God’s presence (Numbers 22:21-33).

Day Three Video

Where will we go today? All the way to Alaska! Then, Texas, Colorado and Arkansas. Join us as we learn about the parable of the forgiving father (Luke 15:11-32).

Day Four Video

We’ll find friends in Texas and Kentucky AND do some international travel in this video where we’ll learn about the story of Ruth.

Day Five Video

Our last video takes us out of this world! And we’ll learn about the story of creation found in Genesis 1.