Excelling at Communicating

Greetings Everyone,

Fall seems to have arrived as the temperature outside is in the high 60°s and the nights are cooling down.  Fall, my favorite time of year, a time of plants showing their beautiful autumn colors, blue skies and an occasional dusting of white upon the distant mountaintops.  The garden is still producing its fruit, and I don’t worry anymore about weeds.  Fall, a time of preparation for the winter months ahead, for new schedules or classes or opportunities; a time of looking forward and remembering what has passed.

This is also a good time to look at how we handle our communications.  Sometimes we get so busy, we think we have done an adequate job of letting others know particular information, and then we find out we have not done a good job of communicating.   Within our church family when contacting the office for bulletins or information for the worship/narthex screens, let both Mel and Jason know.  This would help them both to know your information and enable them to coordinate the work for which each of them is responsible.  I also encourage you to generally try to improve your communication skills.

With all the technology that is available to us, what is often lost is the one on one, eye to eye contacts with one another and the silent times to focus on the majesty and mystery of God.

As we look forward to our Annual Church Conference on Monday the 30th of November, a lot of preparation will be done by committees and committee chairs, our pastors, the church office and volunteers.  We will be gathering for a light meal and fellowship at 6:00 pm and then at 7:00 pm the meeting will begin.  In case you have never attended, come and participate and learn!

Still looking for additions for our PUMC  Committees, might that be you?

Ruth Wills, Lay Leader

303-693-7365, [email protected]


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