Youth Happenings! Sept. 21 – 14, 2017

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday School – Yes!  Come join Tina in the Youth Room (#144) at 9:30AM

Youth Group – No, we are returning from our fall retreat.  That is taking the place of youth group this week.

After playing a game about temptation (“Mmm, chocolate for me, or points for my team…?”)  The Sr. High went out to Orange Leaf for a treat!

A Note from Paula Addy

April approached Scott and I with the idea of starting a Sunday school class for parents of youth.  I think as parents of youth that we can really benefit from each other’s support and experience.  Scott and I really liked the idea of starting a new class at PUMC, since we were part of the same Sunday school class for 18 years at our church in Georgia, and we really formed a bond with the other members.  Scott has been a Sunday school teacher for all those years and is willing to be one of the teachers for the class.  Our plan is to meet each Sunday at 10:45 and have to time to talk/socialize and then start the class at 11:00.  The class will end by 11:45.  I realize this will be a change in routine for most of you – it is for us!   But I hope you will give it a try.   With that being said, the studies we choose won’t necessarily be solely focused on parenting, but on what we as a group choose to do.  Hope to see you soon!  Paula Addy

Special Homecoming Dance

Senior High – Please let me know if you are attending. – We have a unique opportunity to reach out to the special needs community on September 29th.  Here at the church there will be a Special Needs Homecoming Dance.  If you’re available to attend you’ll experience something wonderful and amazing that will keep you returning year after year.  Arrive all dressed and spiffy and we will line the walks and welcome the attendees with claps and cheers as they arrive. Spend the evening visiting and dancing with some wonderful young adults.  They will have a great time, and so will you!  Put it on your calendar, Friday, September 29.  Please arrive at 6:00 and it should be over by 8:30.

No Youth Group

We will not have youth group on Sept. 24th due to the retreat weekend.  We will also not have youth group on Oct. 8th because of it being fall break.  We WILL resume youth group on Oct. 15.

A Change on The Calendar

If you have a lime green calendar at your house…..  Please draw an arrow from Oct. 1st to Oct. 15.  The Skyzone/Arby’s night is being moved from the 1st to the 15th.  Thank you!  Sorry for the confusion!  More details to come about this later.

SkyZone/Arby’s Night – October 15   

On October 15, we are ALL (both Sr. & Jr. High) meeting at SkyZone at 4:45.  Our jump time is from 5-6.  Afterwards we will walk across the parking lot to Arby’s for food and fellowship from 6-7.  Jumping is $10, and Arby’s is probably around $10.  You will pay me $10 for jumping either beforehand or when you get there.  You will pay Arby’s for your meal.  Fill out a liability waiver here and THEN email me that you are going.  SkyZone will have a list of kids who have filled out forms, and I should have the same list. So please let me know you’re going as soon as you fill out the waiver on line. Parents drop at 4:45 at SkyZone, pick up at 7 at Arby’s.


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