When You Don’t Have the Words Turn to the Psalms

Have you ever been in a place where you just have no words?  There have been many times throughout my life where I have found myself in that exact spot (I know, that can be shocking to some!).  And as I journey through the Lent season and come upon the Passion Week and all that leads up to Easter, I often find myself with no words.  In those moments where words just escape me, I find myself turning to the book of Psalms. I love reading the Psalms.  It speaks to my heart and seems that David captures so many of the words that I need to say to God and the deep raw emotions that I sometimes have.                   Are there things that you need to say to God, words that you just need to pour out in your times of deepest darkness?  Turn to the Psalms.  Let them be a prayer coming from your deepest being.  Better yet, write your own!  Put down your feelings, letting God know right where you are and what you are struggling with, and letting God speak to you as your soul clings to him.  And as we continue to journey through this Lenten season, let us sit with the feelings and emotions that it stirs up inside of us, knowing that God will never leave us in our darkest times and will answer every prayer that we utter.


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