Upcoming 2016 Youth Mission Trip Details

“I am so excited to be a part of the staff here at Parker United Methodist Church.  I have been raised in the Methodist Church and grew up in all of the children’s and youth ministries. The church has shaped my faith and my life.  I pray daily that together as a church we will help the youth grow in their faith and in their personal relationships with God.  I want to thank Kurt and Tina Stroman for working so hard and faithfully for our youth the last 8 months.  What an amazing team!  I am so pleased that they want to continue working with our youth and remain a huge part of our team.  MISSION TRIPS!  I want to give you the basic details so families can prayerfully consider these opportunities for their youth.  Senior High (current 8th  through  high school seniors). July 24-30, Tsaile, Arizona, $365. Junior High (current 5th  through current 7th grade) June 26-Jul 1, Cortez, CO, $279

I look forward to getting to know everyone better, and not just those with youth currently in the program!  Thank you for your warm welcome!

April Kauffman, Director of Student Ministries.



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