Valentines Dinner Recap

Last month was our 1st Annual Valentine Dinner and Dance Fundraiser for the youth program.  A lot of hard work, planning, and preparation went in to making it a success.  There were many volunteers that stepped up to make the food and decorations come together.  I would like to thank them all from the bottom of my heart.  The number of youth that attended the event truly surprised me.  This tells me that the youth have a desire to serve and really want to be a part of the mission trip, as well as the community of our church.  Please pray for the youth program as we continue to prepare and fundraise for our summer missions.  Also pray that as we plan, we are given opportunities to bring God’s love to those that need it and that our youth will grow in their faith through service to others.

Thank you to those that came to our event and donated to our cause.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed serving you and we all appreciate your kindness and donations.  We hope you enjoyed the meal, the dancing, the mission trip information, and our Newlywed Game.   Congratulations again to the winning couple, Pat and Jen Bell!  I hope to use this momentum to have a fantastic March with the youth.  Our theme for the month is friendship.  Bring on the bonding!!!

Cori Fitzpatrick, Director of Student Ministries


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