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Greetings Everyone,

Cold and snow, sunshine and warmth, so come and go our winter days and nights.  Maybe so it is the same with our lives, days that are ‘up’ and days that are ‘down’.  Need a lift?  Listen to a past sermon, or check out what is happening here at PUMC or within our conference.

The websites are PUMC ( or our Rocky Mountain Conference

Within our United Methodist Church there is a program called Lay Servant Ministries.  Before 2012 and the action of that General Conference, this program was known as Lay Speaking Ministries.  The Basic Course covers God’s calling in our lives and spiritual gifts, leadership skills and discipleship, learning what people need and how to really care, and how best to use various skills in communicating.  Advanced courses then cover many different aspects of our lives: telling our stories, prayer, discipleship, worship, etc.  The courses are offered in the spring and in the fall.  This spring on April 10-11, there is basic and advance training in English and Spanish at Burns UMC in Aurora. The cost is $35 for each course and you take one course at a time. It begins on a Friday evening and ends on Saturday afternoon.  If you want to enhance your spiritual journey, here is an excellent and relatively inexpensive way (time wise and financially) to begin.  Although this information is not yet on the Rocky Mountain Conference website, it will be soon.

May God’s grace and peace surround you!

Ruth Wills, Lay Leader


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