Tuesday, February 19, 2013

John 2: 13-22

Be sure to practice your prayer before and after your reading. Pray, “Speak to me Lord as I read your Word.” Read the passage, then give thanks and pray, “Almighty God, grant me insight for this day. Amen.” Every spiritual discipline that we share is simply a way of ordering our lives in patterns that please God and provide a spirit of openness in our hearts.

Did you notice that John is writing in retrospect as he remembers this situation where Jesus created a commotion in the temple? (Check verse 22 to see how the words of Jesus had an impact on the future.)

The temple was the center of life for all who believed. It was the place where prayers were heard, where worship was offered, and where the history of the faith intersected with the needs of the people. It was a sacred and incredibly significant place where people could find God. It was a house of prayer that needed to return to a spirit of holiness.

I don’t want to draw too tight a line between the temple of Jerusalem and the beauty of our sanctuary here in Parker, but let’s think together for just a moment. In the end, the way we approach worship is really at the heart of the matter. Do we approach casually without a care or do we enter with a spirit of expectation? I am not talking about whether your worship style is relaxed, do you sing the right songs, or do you wear the right clothes. I am thinking about an attitude of reverence. It is an internal spirit that creates hope through anticipation because our faith finds expression in the presence of God.

Just take a moment to reflect on how you approach worship. What would be the next step of anticipation and expectation that you could bring to the sanctuary?


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