Monday, February 18, 2013

Scripture Reading: John 2:1-12
Presidents Day Weekend

Take a moment, sit back, breathe deep…now, offer this prayer: “Speak to me Lord as I read your word.” Now, read the passage. As you come to the end…pause once again, reflect on the reading, and lift this prayer: “Almighty God, grant me insight for this day. Amen.”

Water into wine! We know the story well. Jesus is at a wedding feast as the host runs out of wine. His mother knows that he has an answer for the problem. He is reluctant. But at Mary’s insistence he gives instruction. Before you know it, the water has been miraculously changed into wine. It is the first recorded miracle of Jesus.

But how does this speak to our Lenten journey today? One way of seeing this passage has to do with the gifts we offer. At the wedding feast Jesus demonstrated how to save the best for last. In fact, he was always offering his very best. As a result, we are invited to give our best. We don’t want to give something that has been watered down, diluted or that represents the crumbs of life. We want to give our very best.

On Sunday mornings, when the offering plates are passed, do you ever find yourself thinking about what is the least I can give to get by? Or could you imagine looking beyond the moment to engage a spirit of generosity? What would it mean if we all gave our best?

Here is an invitation to engage in another spiritual discipline. It is the discipline of generosity. From now until Easter, consider the gift of a tithe. 10% from the best you have received as an offering to God. Give it a try, not because the church needs it, but because you are a disciple of the risen Lord. Why, because he gave his very best for us. Look closely, maybe you will see a Circle of Love. Perhaps we will see another


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