Lay Servant Ministry Classes Offered

Spring classes will be held jointly and will occur on Friday, April 27th (6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.) and Saturday, April 28th, 2018 (8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at Bethany UMC, 3501 W. 1st Ave. Denver, CO 80219

Basic Course Offered:

Basic Lay Servant Ministries

The foundation for all courses in Lay Servant Ministries. Participants are encouraged to discover and employ personal spiritual gifts and to consider the importance of exercising servant leadership, developing future leaders, remaining rooted in consistent spiritual practices, and being part of a group that holds members accountable in their discipleship.  Books will be snail-mailed before the class.

Advanced Courses Offered:

The Method of Our Mission

Theology shapes who we are and how we organize to transform the world. The book is organized into four parts-United Methodist beliefs, mission, practice, and organization. Polity and organization are primary embodiments of The United Methodist Church. Functional in nature, these aspects of the denomination facilitate our mission to make disciples for the transformation of the world. A clear understanding of our identity-as Methodists with Wesleyan roots in connection-and our purpose-to make disciples for the transformation of the world-can help students of United Methodism navigate this treacherous landscape as present and future leader. Warner also addresses the estrangement between theology and institutional structures and practice by framing governance practices and organizational structure within a Wesleyan theology of connection.   Books will be snail-mailed prior to the class.

Advanced Courses Offered:

Lay Pastoral Care Giving

Expressing care to someone in need – whether within the community of faith or beyond – may seem the most natural thing in the world. For some, it is; for others, it’s less so. All can improve.
Learn to reach out with God’s love and care for others as outlined in this practical book. Farabaugh offers a systemic path for pastoral care using the gifts of the laity in the church.
“At a district Council on Ministries’ meeting, our conversation focused on the realization that most of the clergy had no assistance in the area of pastoral care and felt overwhelmed by their many, sometimes conflicting, responsibilities,” writes Farabaugh. “Most of the churches did not train anyone in caring ministries. Today it is time for clergy and laity to partner in caring for one another.”
Unique to this course is the ongoing training and accountability meetings outlined for those in this invaluable ministry. During the monthly meetings, participants report on what they have learned and also study aspects of caring for situations and conditions of life, such as illness, suffering, grief and loss.  Books will be snail-mailed prior to class.
Registration forms available online or pick one up at the church office. Please send fee with registration form by April 3, 2018 so that books can be ordered. Make checks payable to RMCUMC Lay Servant Ministries.
If you have Questions, please contact: Faye Veal – [email protected] or Curtis Gay- [email protected] or Ingrid DeRuiter – [email protected].


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