Hearing God’s Call: Leadership

Greetings to You All,

We recently heard David Jackson speak about the Amazed by God Stewardship campaign that is beginning here at PUMC. He spoke of the changes that may happen to people as they experience the very presence of God in their lives. He spoke of the importance of prayer every day in order to hear how God is calling us to respond to the campaign during the next few months.
I want you to know that this fall is also the time when additional leadership is sought for our administrative and program committees. The Nominations & Leadership Committee with Rev. Randy as the head will be checking each committee to decide which ones need more members or possibly even a committee chair. Most committees do not have a term limit on membership, but it is always wise to bring in new people with new ideas. Filling a hole in a committee is not what Nominations is about. We are looking for the right people, ones with a passion and a desire, to carry forward our programs and to make the administration decisions that need to be made. Our nominations committee will be in prayer as we begin this process. Would you also be praying for God’s guidance in how you would respond if a nominations member begins to talk to you about taking a step of leadership within a committee?

Thanks be to God for each and every one of you!

Ruth Wills, Lay Leader


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