Good Friday Devotion

Good Friday

If you picked up the Holy Week Packet, this was included…
After Jesus was arrested, the crowd yelled and screamed for him to be punished even though he hadn’t done anything wrong.  They wanted Jesus to die on the cross.  It was a very sad day. 
When Jesus came to Jerusalem, people were so happy to see him.  But soon, those people were angry and wanted to hurt Jesus.  They put him on a cross and that’s where Jesus died. 
When we do wrong things, like tell a lie or hit our friends, it’s called sin.  Sin keeps us away from God. 
Jesus died for us so God could forgive us for our sins. Jesus died for us on the cross to give us the gift of forgiveness.  When we accept that gift, we can be close to God. 
Talk with each other:
·      What do you think about what Jesus did for us? 
·      What do you like about always being close to God?
Take time to remember that we are forgiven when we make a mistake. 


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