Foundations: Clara’s Home for Kids

Clara’s Home for Kids Update

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We wanted to share a couple update pictures with you to show the progress of our new safe haven. What a blessing, what a joy to know that soon we we I’ll have a safe place to call home! Praise the Lord!

The attached pictures are the pictures of the engineer and his team digging to lay down foundation, putting lines that separate rooms and walls.
The engineer, his team and with help from my children have made over 2000 bricks by hand, one by one!

They will hopefully complete the house walls in the next couple weeks! We do ask your continued prayers and support as we are moving forward with this project which we call here in Congo  “Parker United Methodist Church Mission of Love.”

The last couple weeks  has been extremely difficult  for my family and I as my youngest son Pierre,  who is 7 years old, was rushed to the hospital unconscious and critically ill with Malaria and Typhoid Fever!

Thanks to the generosity from wonderful sisters in Christ from parker United Methodist Church, Mama Shannon King and Mama Jane Kusner who sent the money, Pierre  was able to receive much needed treatment and is now on his way to recovery! Praise the Lord!

We are so grateful for all the prayers from many of you that we received for Pierre. God is good all the time!

Thank you so much for  your unconditional love, prayers and support!

Rev. Louise Clara Omba Kasongo and family


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