General Conference 2016 for the UMC

Finding Peace in Prayer and the Spirit

Took some time to look around more this morning as the conversation and legislation on Rule 44 bogged down…again. There are many reasons why this rule is having difficulty being passed. Christian Conferencing works when people speak the same language,but here we are working with language and culture barriers, technological problems and fear of doing something new or fear of being hurt in some way or another.

After hearing inspiring Episcopal Addresses and really good music, I found the Prayer Room.  Two large labyrinths with small lit lights all around covered the middle of the floor.  Around the outside were various altars focused on water/baptism, rocks/spiritual foundation,  fire/refining work of our problems and sand, and a playful area to move sand around and create drawings or just to let the sand flow through your fingers. There were at least three spiritual directors available to speak with, two tables to create crafts and a beautiful altar at the far end in front of a large painting of a mountain and flowing stream with a dove bordering the scene on each side.  The altar itself looked like the the river scene behind it was flowing right into the room.  Very effective.  It drew people toward it to sit and pray.   Another area of prayer is near the main entrance that UMW had prepared and were there to support weary conference people.  That is an area to check on for tomorrow.

The afternoon work was electing the various people to handle the many small legislative groups.  Then we were all excused and those elected persons were trained.  A beautiful day to get outside and walk; actually it was quite hot – near 80 degrees.

Ruth Wills


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