Blast Off with Our Joyful Noise Spring Production

Joyful Noise presents: Star Quest Search for the Stolen Scriptures

By Christy and Daniel Semsen

In a galaxy far away and in a future not too distant , all written communication is now stored and sent digitally-nothing is written down. The crew of spaceship Star Quest J-316 is on a mission: travelling the galaxy bringing the Word of God to people everywhere. In their travels, they soon learn that someone is steadily trying to erase scriptures from the Intergalactic Bible database. Will they be able to stop the power hungry ruler who is plotting to steal scriptures away?

Come and be catapulted into hyperspace as kids travel on an adventurous, “out-of-this world” missionary trip to search for stolen scripture and learn the importance of memorizing God’s Word.  
Joyful Noise will present their spring musical, Star Quest, Search for the Stolen Scriptures, by Christy and Daniel Semsen in the fellowship hall on Saturday April 29th at 10:00am and again to the Sunday school kids on April 30th at 9:30am.


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