The Struggle

Greetings from Portland and the General Conference Proceedings,

My roommate had an insight last night of the UMC in relationship to the biblical story of Jacob and his struggles with the angel  of God before meeting his brother Esua (Genesis 32:22-32).   Her insight was that our divided UMC is like Jacob as we struggle to go forward.  Liberal versus Conservative, both sides are struggling with an angel of God, and both sides will need to be changed and limp forward as we receive the blessing of God.  There is much good that is happening as viewed from either perspective, but there is more struggle to come as some of the petitions that have not received approval or defeat will now come to the whole plenary.  Keep those prayers coming!

Perhaps you do not realize your importance as a member of a local congregation.  You are where the UMC is impacting the community around you and in areas around the world.  This gathering is working on how we work, but you are doing the work!   Thanks be to God for EACH ONE OF YOU and thanks for your prayers!

Grace and Peace,
Ruth Wills


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