Saturday, February 16, 2013

Scripture Reading: John 1:43-51

We don’t know very much about the disciple Phillip but we do know that he was a faithful follower. We know that he responded to the invitation of Jesus to “Come, follow me!” And we know that he took his faith in Jesus to the next level. He found faith in Christ and immediately went to his friend Nathanael to invite Nathanael into a discipleship connection with Jesus.

His efforts were successful! This is a wonderful example of what happens when our lives serve in harmony with the desire of Jesus. Phillip offered the invitation. Nathanael balked, but Phillip wouldn’t let his request fall to the ground. He offered a plan, “Come and see!” Can you visualize Phillip taking Nathanael by the hand to introduce him to Jesus?

Phillip provides us with a great discipleship lesson. Invitations often need action so they can take root and bloom. One of the great Christian discipleship invitations is the opportunity to share our faith with others. Have you ever found yourself a bit reluctant to share your faith, offer an invitation, or disclose your personal journey? We all have a bit of “don’t ask – don’t tell” in our spirits.

But what if we were able to overcome our reluctance? What could God do if we simply planted the seed? Perhaps a new life in Christ will germinate through your faithfulness. And what if we all offered a similar invitation? Can you imagine?


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