General Conference 2016 for the UMC

Last Day GC 2016

Yesterday the question was asked how many petitions were still to be dealt with…the answer at noon was that 400 had been dealt with and there were 85 more to complete plus 11 General Conference Finance and Administration petitions. I have not counted the hundreds that will not even be considered as many times when there are many on the same topic, only one will be chosen to be acted upon. Then there are many which were not dealt with in the legislative committee time and consequently will not be part of what is presented before the whole assembly of delegates. Currently, many people are ‘wasting time’ with referrals of motions and ‘points of order’ that do not help with good use of the short time we have left.
This morning our Bishop Stanovsky gave the sermon during the worship. All of the sermons have used the word GO as our theme has been “THEREFORE GO”. Bishop Elaine did a great job, and I think I will have all the sermons available for whoever wants one after I receive the final copies of the DCA (Daily Christian Advocate) which we receive each day of the previous day’s happenings. Part of her sermon was on what good news we are to take back to our congregations. So her message is: You are loved!; Tell your story of how Christ is working in your life; and Go and Live! Much of her sermon was on the gospel story of what happened at the tomb of Jesus and how people reacted…so people of God we are to run with the knowledge that Jesus is alive and share that with those we know and those we do not know.
Home tomorrow!


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