Hospitality, Offering, Purpose and Engagement

Greetings Everyone,

This is a time of many transitions for our church family and the opportunity for us to look forward with hope and not with apprehension.  I want to share with you some insights of a recent lay leadership training that I took that involves the word “hope” as it applies to us as laity:

H is for hospitality – an area in which we can all improve in reaching out to other people

O is for offering Christ – sharing our stories and listening to others’ stories of how God is  working in our lives

P is for purpose – what is our purpose (mission) as United Methodists? It is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world .  It is in living the best way we can to honor Christ who is our savior.

E is for engagement – loving one another and participating in what our church offers to us  for spiritual growth and mission

Each of these areas can be expanded with many insights, but even this basic list can help us look forward with hope to the unfolding of newness that is around us.

On Sunday, August 23rd, we will be celebrating Laity and United Methodist Women Sunday.  UMW will be selling pies during the in-between times of our three services.  The monies collected will be used for mission – globally and locally.  The worship services will center on the importance of you, the laity.

May our gracious God bless each of you daily!

Ruth Wills, Lay Leader


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