Recent News from La Puente House

Dear friends throughout Parker United Methodist Church,

For many years, La Puente in Alamosa has benefited from Parker United Methodist’s mission funding: Thank you!  On April 15th, an old multi-family apartment complex in La Jara caught fire and burned to the ground.  9 families lost everything and had no place to stay.  La Puente’s volunteers were immediately on the scene providing some of the basic resources we have on hand:  clothing, household items, water, and basic provisions.  The following day, additional basic and urgent family needs continued to surface.  Your mission gift to us became a gift to many others.

The mother in one family had escaped her apartment without any shoes.  All of her medications were also consumed by the fire.  She was diabetic and needed both glucose tester and insulin.  There was no way to get her needs met quickly, without navigating the insurance bureaucracy and having a police report in hand.  Your gift made it possible to meet all her needs!  She and her family relocated to Antonito where they found a home for rent.  In addition, a car was donated to help her, and we used your gift to get the car insured.  Now her kids can still attend school in La Jara.

Many families benefited from your gift, and as they thanked La Puente, I felt like they should be thanking you.  Thank you so much for helping all the families devastated by fire, and the others who will be assisted by your generous gift.  Thank you for considering us with your past mission offering.


Lance Cheslock

La Puente, Alamosa


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