Youth Missions Shared With You – Ammon

Over the past month I have been able to experience youth doing amazing things. As some of you may have heard, this year’s mission trips were an amazing success. Our High School youth were able to work towards making homes warmer, safer, and dryer in Tennessee. And our Middle School youth were able to impact the lives of children and families in Cortez, CO. Being a part of these trips, for me, is transformational. Being able to witness first hand the impact that these trips have on our youth is beyond describable. It is hard for me to put into words how amazed I am at these youth. These two weeks of my year are always weeks that I look forward to. Now, we would like to share our experiences with you. On August 18th from 6-8PM we would like to invite you to our Mission Dinner. There is no cost. It is a way for us to say thank you for all of your support. You will get the opportunity to talk with some of the youth as well as watch videos that tell more about our trips. We hope to see you on August 4th! Until next month, God bless!


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