Youth Happenings, May 18-25, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday School – Yes!  All Youth start together in Youth Room (#144)

Youth Group – YES!  Special Night with Don Budy.  ALL YOUTH @ 5PM in the Youth Room.

Snack Dinner Provided by Bella Byington’s Family – Thank you so much!

We had a great time last week at Boondocks! 


Sunday Evening Youth Group – Being Molded Through Christ

Don Budy is a longtime member of PUMC and a featured artist in Parker.  He recently had a statue unveiled that is now on display in O’Brien Park.  The statue is of Nancy Gripman, a woman from our church who started the Parker Task Force.  Don will be sharing his gift with us Sunday evening as he sculpts and speaks to us on faith.  ALL YOUTH (Sr. & Jr. High) @ 5 PM in the Youth Room, (parents are invited if you’d like to join us for this special evening.)


Hey Parents..

If you are EVER willing to drive to events, could you please get me a copy of your driver’s license and insurance card, so I can keep it on file for the year?  Then we don’t have to worry about collecting it for a particular event.  You could either scan it and email it, or copy it and either bring it by or put it in the mail.  If you can do that, I’d appreciate it so much!   Thanks!

Move Up Sunday!

All kids will “move up” to their next grade starting in June.  If you are a current 8th grader, you will start attending Sr. High events!  Current 5th graders are welcome to start attending Jr. High Events!

Senior High LOCK OUT Sign Up!

Senior high students, I need you to sign up if you intend to attend the Lock Out, June 2-3.  I will need adult drivers as well.  Students are not allowed to drive.  Meeting time will be determined by evening movie times, so sign up to stay in the loop.  We’ll be out 10 PM on June 2, to sunrise June 3.  Part fun, part mission and a few surprises along the way!  Students sign up here.  Parents who can drive, sign up here.  Thank you, thank you!

Fishing, Hiking, Picnic Day!

Youth Group is going OUT to the foothills!  On SATURDAY, June 10 we are heading to the Pine Valley Ranch Park to fish (must have a fishing license and your own equipment), hike, play and picnic!  Pine Valley Ranch Park is about an hour and twenty minutes away.  We will meet at PUMC at 8 AM and return around 2:30 PM.  Please bring a sack lunch and your fishing equipment (if you want to fish).  I will need students to sign up here and also parents who can drive to sign up here.

Colorado Rockies Game June 18

I’ve got 25 tickets to the Rockies Game at 1:10 on June 18th.  We SHOULD have shady spots!  We are sitting in section U331.  Even if you’re not a baseball fan, come fellowship, eat and have fun with us!  Tickets are $17 a seat. Parents are welcome!  If you’d like tickets email April or go by her office ([email protected]).  Checks can be made out to PUMC.  We will either drive or take the light rail – details will come out later.  I WILL RELEASE LEFT OVER TICKETS TO CHURCH MEMBERS BY JUNE 1st, so please let me know soon, if you’d like to go.

Calling All Senior High Techies!

Would you like the best seat in the house on Sunday mornings?  We are looking for a few more people who would like to help with video tech during church services.  Jason Anderson and April have decided it would be a great way for high school students, who enjoy computer technology, to give back to the church with their “gifts.”  Don’t worry, there will be a training session, and he will also sit with you during your first couple of times while you run tech for church!  Interested?  Let April know, and we’ll be in touch about training days!

Are you looking to earn extra cash this summer?

One of our members is needing help with yard upkeep.  She lives alone, is waiting on should surgery, and she needs help with mowing and trimming.  She lives out on Delbert Road between Singing Hills and East Parker Road.  She’s willing to pay $8-$10/hr.  If you’re interested please call Vivian Murphy at 303-841-7411.  If you get her voice mail please leave a message!

Public Service Announcement for High School Students

Here’s a link to sign up for ROAR’s (Regional Officers of Admissions of the Rockies) Summer College Search Series.  It’s a program geared towards high school students to help you navigate your college search.  It’s never too early to start thinking and narrowing down some choices!  Click here to sign up to attend a program this summer!

Would you like some EASY summer volunteer hours?

Noelle Allison, our Director of Children and Family Ministries, would like some youth help this summer with 9:30 Sunday School.  If you’d like an hour each week, let her know!  It’s easy, fun and rewarding!  [email protected]

Summer Looks Different, Grab A Calendar

The Youth Summer Calendar will be available April 30th.  Grab one from the top of the Youth News Rack in the Narthex!  (Lime green)  During summer we don’t have “normal” youth group meetings, as we are usually off site having fun!  Be sure to check out the new calendar to keep up with events and activities!


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