We’re Creating Care Packages for Our College Students

Fall is in the air! That means it is time again for our college kids to receive a care package from their home church family!!

The UMC Circle, Neighbor to Neighbor has been helping our congregation to support our College Youth over many years. The College Care Mission, through our church family support, provides a care package to each student sent to their dorm/address just before their final semester testing. In it are goodies for those long study hours and a faith support book for the break after finals. The Circle will write each student an encouraging note and pack the boxes to be mailed on November 2nd. Sunday, November 1st will be the last day to donate either money in the offering or goodies for the box in the Narthex labeled “College Care”. If you desire to write a check, please put “College Care” in the memo. Please send any questions or updated addresses for your student to Chris Ambors’ email: [email protected]

Rev. Pat Bell wrote a great article on students experiencing continuing education journeys: Guidance for our Graduates


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