Too Much of a Good Thing?

Spring Greetings,

I am writing this in the waning moments of this latest spring snow storm.  Outside my window on a huge pine tree, heavily snow-laden branches are being released from those wet mounds of snow as the branches move and shower snow downward and then return to their normal positions.  Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing:  too much water on roots of plants can kill those roots, too much heavy snow on branches can break the branch, and sometimes too much of anything can be destructive in our lives.  Also not enough of a good thing can be detrimental and even destructive. My message this month is for balance.  Balancing our time, balancing our finances, balancing our food intake or exercise or work/study schedule or family time is important for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Even balancing the time we give to prayer is important, for we often do not take time for prayer in our busy schedules.

This month of May is presenting us with opportunities for needed prayer for our country and our church: Thursday, May 5th, is the National Day of Prayer and Parker UMC, at 6:30 pm, will host the community to participate in prayer for the many areas of our lives; then during May 10th to May 20th , the General Conference of our United Methodist Church will be in session.  If there was ever a time for prayer, it is during these times.  Can we spend too much time in prayer?  I think most of us do not spend enough time in prayer.  We are on the low side of the balance. I encourage you to find the time for prayer and the blessing that praying will bring you!

Grace and Peace be yours today and every day!

Ruth Wills

Lay Leader


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