Strengthening Your Focus on God in 2016

As we all step into 2016, we are faced with discussions of New Year’s Resolutions.  We all strive to be better people, to achieve more, to help more, to love more.

In the past, I have frequently focused my resolutions on goals.  Most of these goals were quantitative in nature.  Would I set a new marathon personal record?  Would I start a new company?  Often times, I would go to great lengths to complete the tasks I set out to achieve.  But, something was missing…

Books on business and achievement focus on prioritizing our tasks, maintaining high work ethic, and staying focused.   Achievement to most of the secular world is painted as the result of our hard work.

When turning your sights on 2016, I urge you to slow down your pace.  Realize that through prayer, by allowing God to work through your life, you can move mountains.  Consider a new resolution.  Consider making your relationship with God #1.

When prioritizing, prioritize God first.   Choose to maintain the highest work ethic possible in striving to serve God.  Pray more.  Read your Bible.  Join a Bible Study.  Make the “Focus” of 2016 your relationship with God.

By doing this, your life in 2016 will fall into place.  God will begin to work through you in amazing ways.  You may just realize that the rest of the goals will either fall into place or will not matter as much to you anymore.

I pray each and every one of you have a beautiful year, filled with happiness, love, achievement….but most of all, filled with God.


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