Sr. High Missions: As We Travel – We Must Eat

121219_FOOD_ChickenNuggets.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeParticipants will need additional money for food while we travel. We will be making stops at “typical” fast food restaurants each day while traveling. Two meals while traveling are included (Saturday June 15 dinner and Sunday June 16 breakfast). There will be a total of 10 meals that participants will need money for. There is the option to pack a lunch on the first day to bring this down to 9 meals. Participants are to haven eaten breakfast before arriving at the church on June 14th. Participants are also encouraged to bring snacks to eat and share on the bus. We will be providing some water and sodas on the bus as well.

Will your youth need help managing their money? One of our adults will be in charge of keeping the money of youth who may need extra help managing their money. At our meeting on June 9th, we will hand out envelopes for each meal. We ask that you write their name on each envelope and place the amount of money you feel appropriate for each meal. The meals are typically $7-10 depending on how much food they get. We will collect these envelopes on June 14th and distribute it to them throughout the trip. This is not mandatory, but some of us need help keeping track of how much money we have.


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