Sharing the Importance of Church

Greetings Everyone on this Beautiful Spring-like Day!

On March 7th our church hosted a District Leadership Conference.  So laity and clergy came from Colorado Springs (on the south of our area), Breckenridge (on the west), Southern Denver metro area (on the north) and Calhan/Rush (on the east) and all the areas in between.  We have 40 United Methodist Churches within this geographical area that make up the Mile High Pikes Peak District of the Rocky Mountain Conference.  A big Thank You to all of you who made this hosting event a great success!

I attended 2 of the 6 workshops that were presented, and I want to share a little bit from the “Embracing Vitality” workshop led by Rev. Jeremy Scott.  His comments on how we invite people to our churches struck home with me.  Unchurched people are not interested in how we do worship in our church or what programs are offered, they are captivated and interested in why we go to church.

What we need to share with friends, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, that new person we met is “why church is important to me”.  I suggest that we each take some time to meditate on this question.  Is it the doughnuts that are important? The fellowship with friends?  The opportunities of learning?  The opportunities of mission?  Do you find yourself bringing Christ into the answer?

Let us be excited, passionate disciples of Christ who are reaching out to help others become disciples and thus participate in the transformation of the world.

We are blessed to be blessings for others!

Ruth Wills


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