News About the Upcoming District Conference

Greetings Everyone,

This week is a forerunner of spring as the temperatures rise almost to 70°.   A wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the warmth, as long as you don’t get pushed around by the winds!  This is also a time to take part in an opportunity to learn more about how the Holy Spirit is working in other United Methodist churches in our area.  This is a time when Quiet Disciples from ten of our Mile High Sub-District churches are presented and honored, including one from our church.  Last year Bob Parker was chosen as our Quiet Disciple.  Who is chosen this year?  Come and find out!

So Saturday morning of March 5th at Tri-Lakes UMC (just south on highway 83 and near the El Paso county line), the annual district leadership conference is happening.   I wrote about this last month, and you can still register.  The fee has already been paid by PUMC, but if you want to take part in any of the five workshops, you need to register.  The web site is or check with our church office to help you through the process.  The church address is: Tri-Lakes UMC, 20256 Hunting Downs Way, Monument, CO 80132.

The event starts at 8:30 am and will be finished at 12:30 pm.  If you want to come just for the early morning gathering and not the workshops, you do not need to register. Just come!  This is a chance to meet others from our UM churches and hear from our keynote speaker, Rev. Dr. Janet Forbes on “Moving Beyond the Walls of the Church”.

Grace and Peace be yours today and every day!

Ruth Wills, Lay Leader


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