Looking Forward: June 2014

The month of June is always filled with renewal and fresh growth. June always connects our congregation to the other United Methodist Congregations in our area as we gather for our Annual Conference session. This year, the group will meet in Pueblo for a very unique experience. The entire group will travel from Pueblo to the historic site of the Sand Creek Massacre where we will meet with Native American descendants who will help us understand and seek the wisdom of healing.

The Annual Conference gathering is also well known by most in the church for the time when pastoral appointments are read and endorsed by our Bishop. I am pleased to say that both Pat Bell and I are slated to be re-appointed to serve the Parker congregation! I assure you; we are blessed by that word and excited about another year together.

There are two key events unfolding as we step into the summer. First, our Church Council has endorsed the development of a Vision Team that will be meeting over the next several weeks to evaluate, dream, and appraise the vision, mission, and values of our congregation as we step into the future together. That team will report monthly to the Church Council and will be publishing information and seeking input from you as we move into a bright future with clarity and direction.

The second ingredient is the formation of a plan for a capital campaign that will roll out in the late summer and early fall. The campaign will focus on the development of funding to complete some of our exterior projects (parking lots, drainage, and landscaping) along with the potential of reshaping some of our space in the Fellowship Hall for more defined use. The details are in the initial stages of planning so watch for much more communication about the projects, possibilities, and opportunities as we move forward with our mortgage and essential projects.

God has been so very good to our congregation. We are seeing fresh signs of vitality and new life at every corner. Worship attendance continues to grow, the children’s ministry is booming, our youth are moving forward with a fresh vision, and our mission ministry is expanding left and right. In fact, we are blessed to see God at work in almost every area of our congregation.

I am so glad you are a part of the team. Let’s work together to make this the best summer ever! Stay tuned to Sunday worship as we begin to explore the Book of Romans together. Be sure to worship wherever you are…but mostly, we hope to see you right here for a full and fun summer in the Lord!

God bless you all!

Yours in Christ, Randy Jessen


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