Changes Coming in the Life of Our Youth Program

John 3:30 says “Increase in my life Lord, so that I may decrease.” this verse embodies a great principle, that true worship is that of the heart and not of or at any particular place.

The start of a combined 13 years of being in Youth Ministry continues at Parker UMC and I feel very honored and blessed to be here serving alongside each and every one of you. I have experienced tremendous transition, blessing and growth since I started this adventure, and I would greatly value your prayers as I continue to fulfill this calling in my life.

There will be more than a couple of events and changes within the coming months, but my team and I will make sure to keep the focus positive for our students while also fulfilling our calling to serve the local community. There is a large volume of construction and maintenance tasks involved in keeping everything running within the growth of our community, and we would love your prayers for energy, strength, healthy priorities, special family time and of course God’s abundant peace and blessing. Ultimately, my prayer is that everyone will connect in powerful ways with Jesus as they experience His presence. My team and I along with the students in our ministry are excited to be a part of what the Lord is doing at Parker UMC.

Julian M.


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