April 19, 2014

Easter Vigil

Psalm 19

[one_half] Traditionally the Easter Vigil is a prayerful liturgical event that begins in the dark of night. Participants gather in silence as an ember is struck from flint to spark the first hint of a flame. Soon the flame grows large enough to stand on its own. It is placed under a prepared stack of abundant fuel where it catches flame and lights up the night. Sacred words are spoken:

“O God, who through your son bestowed upon the faithful the fire of your glory,
sanctify this new fire, we pray, and grant that,
by these Paschal celebrations,
we may be so inflamed with heavenly desires
that with minds made pure,
we may attain festivities of unending splendor.” [/one_half]

[one_half last=last] The Paschal (Christ) Candle is ignited from the flame. It is held on high for all to see before the flame is passed from person to person to provide flame for individual candles. Then in silence the participants walk single file following the Christ Candle into a place of worship where the first light of Easter is dawning. Frequently there would be sunrise baptisms and always the Lord’s Supper and a celebration of the resurrection.

Our Easter vigil will be a sacred silence, reading the Word, and prayerfully thanking God for the blessing of baptism and the celebrations that will unfold on Easter morning.

May God bless you as you enter the season of resurrection once again! [/one_half]


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