Thursday, February 28, 2013

John 5:19-29

The season of Lent is all about worship, commitment, study, prayer, and preparation through specific spiritual practices. As we read Scripture we discover that worship was a centerpiece priority for Jesus.

However, whenever we think about worship (or encounter Jesus) we also discover a variety of opinions. Some are comfortable with certain forms of worship while others are willing to explore new horizons. The reality is this: worship was never intended for our comfort or contentment. It is always directed to God.

In today’s passage, we discover that worship is not about a time, place or style. Rather it is about an attitude and a focal point. We are to worship God (the focus) in spirit and truth (the attitude). See verse 24 for this insight.

In the end it is all about the Messiah who came to disclose himself to us through worship and obedience.

So how shall we demonstrate our worship and obedience? We actually have lots of options. Take a moment to reflect on your connection to Christ (the Messiah). How do you demonstrate your worship and obedience? What is the next step for you in your journey of increasing faithfulness?


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