Get Closer to God by Adding Something Lent 2016

We are in the midst of Lent, a time to reflect and really focus on strengthening our faith.  Each year, the season of Lent helps me see areas in my life where I can strengthen my relationship with God.  And it helps me see that I need to continue to seek God and continue strengthening my relationship with Him, depending on Him for everything.

Although the term Lent is often associated with sacrifice, the season of Lent can be so much more than that.  Instead of just focusing on what you plan to give up, be sure to focus on a replacement behavior.  For example, if you plan to give up a behavior like TV for Lent, consider a replacement behavior that develops your relationship with God.  Maybe replace your screen time with reading devotions or the Bible.    Or, if you planned to give up a different item, like chocolate, dessert, alcohol, etc., be sure to add something that will draw your heart closer to Jesus.  Remember, the replacement behavior can be just as important as the behavior you are giving up!

As we continue to move through Lent, I pray that you keep seeking those areas where you and your children can strengthen faith.  There are several opportunities to do this.  Consider joining one of our Mom’s Group devotional studies.  The LOIS group meets on Tuesday mornings in the conference room.  And, there is a book study at the Plaza Preschool on Wednesday mornings at 9:30.  Join us and other moms as we talk, laugh, pray and even cry as we grow in our faith together!   Both groups always welcome new members!

Finally, On March 22nd, we will be having Journey With Jesus.  This is a wonderful Easter family experience where you and your children can travel to different stations, learning more about God’s love and hopefully strengthening your faith in the process.  Take advantage of these opportunities during Lent.  It may mean giving up a few things that fill those time spaces, and it might be hard to do at first.  But stick with it and really take this time to focus on God.  You might just find that you and your children will be changed forever!


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