Confirmation 2014 // Ammon

Confirmation Class is now upon us! Over the past two years, we have been making a transition from Confirmation for 8th graders to 6th graders. This year marks the year that the transition is now complete. We are excited to offer Confirmation to our 6th graders as a way of introducing them to the youth group and helping them as they move to a new stage of their lives. Confirmation is viewed very differently from denomination to denomination. In the United Methodist Church, Confirmation is not something that marks the end, but rather it marks a beginning. Most of our youth were baptized as babies. During their baptism, their parents made commitments to raise them in the faith. Confirmation is the point at which the youth get to make that commitment for themselves. We will spend the next year learning more about our faith and also learning about what it means to be a United Methodist. At the end of the class, the youth will be able to claim the Christian faith as their own and will become “official” United Methodists. It will be a very exciting and awesome time in their lives. If you have a 6th grader and they would like to be a part of the class, please go to the youth section of the web site and sign them up. If you have youth who are older than 6th grade and are interested in Confirmation, sign them up as well. We do provide opportunities for older youth to go through the confirmation process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Until next month, God bless!


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