Christian Discipleship-Rev. Pat

Last Sunday morning, I was blessed to have some time to go sit in the Senior High youth group and listen to the discussion they were having. That morning, Bob Pfeiffer had the youth go around the circle describing the different activities that they have found to which they have committed themselves. I heard about all kinds of sports, some upcoming drama productions, horseback jumping, learning to play the guitar, and of course catching up on their studies after previous activities came to an end.

As you can probably guess, the direction of the discussion turned to Christian discipleship, the idea being that, just like they dedicate so much time and effort into their activities, their discipleship deserves at least the same kind of dedication. Time should be spent each day in communication with God through prayer and the reading of the scriptures. It was nice to see how receptive they were to the idea. We have a great group of young men and women in that group.

Of course, the message of that morning is not just for the youth. It is for all of us. As Christians we have an amazing privilege in being able to go directly to God with our thoughts and petitions. And have the incredible Word of God in the Bible that offers us guidance and hope. We have a way of life and salvation offered to us by God that comes through relationship with God through Christ. Like any relationship, though, this relationship needs good, constant communication to be as healthy as it can be. The good news is that God is already speaking to us through the Holy Spirit. Let’s join with our youth in dedicating ourselves to our discipleship by putting in the time and effort necessary to take full advantage of this incredible offering of grace.


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