We’ve provided some helpful videos or you featuring campaign kickoff information, online pledge tutorial, and a historical tour of downtown Parker where our church has its roots. Below you’ll find information on how and where to give, insight into the mission and ministry that your gifts help to continue serving our community, and past video testimonials of folks who give to those ministries here at Parker UMC.

Your Regular Annual Giving Does So Much!

Your support of this church goes far beyond simply helping us keep the lights on and the doors open. Your support also provides a home for a variety of ministries here at the church – ministries such as Little Blessings Preschool, the Winter Shelter, AA and NA meetings, Boy Scouts, Youth Group meetings, Vacation Bible School – and many, many more.

You also are supporting, through our connections in the world-wide United Methodist Church, a variety of mission and missionary activities all around the globe. In many countries, you are supporting drinkable water, orphanages, job training, women’s rights, healthcare and so much more.

Pray and listen to God’s word as you consider your 2021 gift and then respond with your estimate so that we can properly plan for the outreach possibilities that are within the reach of this church.

If you’d like to provide your estimate of giving online please click here.

Click the image below and print out the linked PDF file. This is your commitment card, representing your Estimate of Giving for 2021.

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Our Congregation Shares How PUMC Has Been Important in Their Lives and Why They’ve Made a Commitment to Give