Growing Christian Disciples

Looking Forward June 2016

The arrival of summer is always a time of excitement.  We love the warm weather and the opportunity to get outside once again.  It is also a great time for travel, adventure, gardening, or whatever activity brings renewal to your spirit.

The church staff team will be using the summer months to continue conversations about the process of Christian discipleship.  The team has been investing time thinking and praying about a model of discipleship ministry that could unfold within the life of our church.  We have been reading, studying, and exploring options that may have great potential for the uniqueness of our congregation.

Imagine this, you are a new believer who is looking for a starting place to explore the basics of the faith.  Or perhaps you are a person who was involved with your faith as a student but you have been away from the church for a while.  Now you sense a need to understand the flow of Scripture by taking a look at the content of the Bible.  Or what if you were a deeply invested believer with strong Biblical background but you are now seeking a way to invest your time in mission ministry.

Each of these scenarios (and many more) are a very real part of our congregational life.  As a result, we all know that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Christian discipleship and personal spiritual growth is really not going to meet the unique needs we bring to the table.  However, we also believe that Jesus invites us all to the table so we can grow, learn, serve, and share our lives with others.

Our efforts at designing a discipleship network are focused on creating the best of all systems so individuals could find a mentor, small group, class gathering, or mission experience that would help them grow in their faith.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each person could identify their need and then find the next step for their faith journey right here within the life of our congregation?

I know that my personal journey has been impacted in different ways through uniquely different experiences at different seasons of my growth in Christ.  In the early days, I sensed a need to invest in the New Testament to understand the teachings of Jesus.  At a certain point, I needed a mentor to help me on the discipleship journey.  Eventually, I needed a much deeper level of teaching to round out my knowledge base.  But the real turning point for me was the experience of hands on cross-cultural face to face mission ministry.

We believe there is a path for each person.  Some of our paths will intersect while others will be on a one of a kind journey.  There are basic elements and deeper experiences that await each believer.  Our task as a congregation is to create a vision, implement a plan, and invest in growing through a deeper investment in our faith.

The ministry team of your church is working toward a positive outcome.  Pray for us and pray with us to the end that God would be glorified, the name of Jesus would be imbedded in all we do, and that the power of the Holy Spirit would lead the way.

I hope you have a wonderful summer!   Let’s worship and work together!

God bless you all!

Randy Jessen


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