Winter Shelter Network

The Winter Shelter Network Needs Your Help Starting in November

We have begun gearing up to meet the needs of up to forty guests who may spend one evening a week with us.  If you have not worked with the shelter in the past and want to learn about it or sign up to volunteer, or you are an experienced volunteer with our shelter but haven’t yet been contacted to sign up for this winter, please contact one of the shelter volunteer coordinators, either Jennifer Wright at [email protected] (303-921-0692) or Steve Kascht at [email protected] (720-934-3670) so we can talk with you about what opportunities are available.

If you wish to donate to the Winter Shelter Network effort at our church, please write a check, and remember to write WSN in the memo line. You can also give online and choose Winter Shelter Network as your giving option.

Thank you.  We are looking forward to another year of inviting in our guests and supporting them in their journey.  We hope you can be part of this mission.

Bag of Groceries

Food Donations Are a Key Part of Providing for Our Guests

Welcome to the Parker UMC 2019-2020 Winter Shelter Network! We depend on donations from you to help provide snacks, lunches, and healthy meals to our guests, so THANK YOU for all that you do! This year we’ve chosen to use Sign Up Genius to communicate what is needed for the upcoming week in terms of food donations, desserts, and so on. In an effort to keep the needs up to date, we’ll be updating this site each week. Guidelines to Remember

  • All food items to be shared with our guests must be individually packaged.
  • We appreciate your help, but please no large bulk items as we are limited on storage space.
  • Please mark all food donation items with “WSN” for Winter Shelter Network.
  • Please place all non-refrigerated items in the WSN bin outside the Narthex. Refrigerated items go in the middle refrigerator in the kitchen and must be marked with WSN on them.

Sign up To Prepare and Serve a Meal

Providing nutritious meals for our guests is our priority and we can’t do it without YOU! Select the date of your choice to provide a meal for our WSN guests. We will then be in touch with you to discuss what you’re planning to bring, talk about timing, number of volunteers and answer any questions you may have. Please know that we very much appreciate your support in this. Sign up here today!