To This Day – Anti Bullying Discussion // 11.3.13

So this past Sunday I showed a Video at SNL called “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan. Bullying is something that has been present in our society for quite some time. Kids face it or see it almost every day at school. Just recently, Richie Incognito of the Miami Dolphins, was suspended indefinitely for what appears to be bullying of another player. It is sad to me that we live in a world where people would treat others in this manner. Only a few weeks ago did a young girl take her life because she could not take the bullying that she was facing anymore. Rebecca Sedwick faced absurd amounts of bullying and eventually took her own life. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Bullying is a real problem faced by our youth everyday. So what can we do about it? As followers of Christ, we are supposed to love one another and treat each other how we would want to be treated. But she should go further than that. If we witness bullying, we should stand up for those who don’t feel like they can stand up for themselves. We should be trying to change the culture so that bullying is not an acceptable form of treating someone. We should seek out bullies and show them the love and compassion of Christ. Love is a powerful tool that can stop bullying in its tracks. Take some time to watch this video and discuss it with your family and friends. Stopping bullying begins with YOU.

Discussion Questions:

1. In his poem, Shane talks about himself, and a boy and girl he knew from school. What were some names that the three of them were called and what were some of the mean things that were said about each of them?

2. What effect did the words/nicknames have on the three of them?

3. What is the definition of bullying? At what point does “teasing” becoming “bullying” or are they the same thing? Explain.

4. Why do you think that this poem is titled “To This Day”?

5. In the clip, Shane said that “they were wrong” about him and the other two kids. In fact, he says “they had to be wrong…why else would we still be here?” Do you think that bullies and those who maliciously hurt others are wrong or not? Why?

6. Do you see people treating others the way Shane was treated? If so, give an example.

7. What do you think our response should be when we see or hear people treating others the way that Shane was treated and talked to?


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