Living Last Supper

Learn more about the March 24 presentation of the Living Last Supper, performed at Parker United Methodist Church.

On the night he was captured in Gethseme, Jesus shared a final meal with his disciples, a meal which we know as The Last Supper. This meal, where Jesus breaks bread, and offers the cup to his disciples is the foundation for communion, the receiving of the body and the blood of Christ. Some time prior to the Last Supper Jesus told the disciples that one of him would betray him. Now the stage is set for “The Living Last Supper.”

The Drama, as it is sometimes called, is a live performance that takes place on that night, with the disciples surrounding Jesus at the table, reminiscent of Leonardo DaVinci’s famous painting. We listen to each disciple describe his place among Jesus closest friends and followers, as well as his fear that he may be the one to betray Jesus. Each one ultimately asks, “Is it I?”

The story is over 2,000 years old but still resonates with us today. While we are not involved in the literal betrayal of Christ, we may find ourselves in our daily lives questioning our faithfulness and loyalty to God. Are we seeking Him for guidance? Are we listening when He speaks? Are we allowing temptation and sin to enter into our hearts, therefore separating us from Him? These are questions that many Christians ask, and, it is, in a way, comforting to know that even Jesus’ closest friends asked similar questions.

Please join us for a wonderful performance followed by a Gethseme Prayer Vigil at 8 p.m.