Imitation of Jesus’ Character

Discipleship is such a big word that we use all of the time in our Christian walk, but what does it really mean?  What does it really mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?  I grew up in the church, and so the amount of times I have heard the word “disciple” or “discipleship” are too many to count, and it had just become this word that I have heard a lot but hasn’t had a lot of deep meaning to me until recently.  These last few months, our staff team has been reading books and having discussions about discipleship, and through my readings, I have felt challenged.  Being a disciple of Jesus isn’t just one of the things that I should be doing as a Christian, it should be all that I am doing.  It isn’t just a one time thing, or a step in my journey, it is my entire faith journey.

So what does that look like for me?  What does that look like for a body of believers?  How can we be intentional in our discipleship?  First, we have to submit to Jesus as our Lord, the One that guides our lives.  Submitting is all about being obedient to what God calls you to do and who God calls you to be.  Second, we have to learn Jesus’ words and way of ministry.  We do this by setting a side time to do a devotional, read God’s Word, pray, join a Bible study or small group, have discussions with other Christians, worship… the list goes on and on.  Third, we need to imitate Jesus’ life and character.  We must become the hands and feet, being Jesus in this world and doing the things that Jesus would have us do.  We do this by speaking kind words to our neighbors, by praying for others, by reaching out and helping those who are in need, by going on mission trips.  And finally, we need to find others who don’t yet know Jesus and introduce them to the love of Jesus, and then teach them what discipleship really looks like.  Paul shows us this in the way that he mentors Timothy.  In the same way, we are to mentor others along their discipleship journey, and have someone we are accountable to as well.
Can you imagine what our church would look like if we all were more intentional with our discipleship?  Can you imagine how our community would be transformed?  Will you join me on thinking and praying about how we can grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ?  Will you join me in a journey where we are more intentional about growing and learning, imitating and reaching out, and mentoring others while being transformed?  Blessings to you as you continue on your discipleship path and become a stronger disciple of Jesus Christ!
Cody Anderson
Associate Pastor
Parker United Methodist Church


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