Amazed By God “Rocks”

Amazed By God “Rocks” (Living Stones)!

If you were here in the Summer of 2014, when the Amazed By God campaign began, you may remember putting your name on a large stone and perhaps you took it home with you until the church had a plan for its use.  Well…please get ready to bring them back!  The Amazed by God Team is planning a “Parking Lot Celebration” on Sunday 5/22/2016 between services in one of our newly paved parking lots.  There will be good food, fellowship, games for the kids, and a time to remember the progress and commitments we have made.  At that time, you will be able to place your rock in one of the many landscaping areas so designated.  If you did not get to sign a rock for any reason, they will be available on a table in the Narthex starting Sunday 5/1/2016.  We would like EVERYONE to sign a rock – no matter how long you have been here!  Look for more details and mark your calendar for Sunday 5/22.


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