The Power of the Resurrection

Dear Friends:

Will you be glad to have warm days, blue skies and green grass! That is just a part of the joy of spring that is on the horizon. It is a season of new life and blooming flowers that is highlighted within the Christian community by the celebration of Easter.

Easter is a wonderful time of hopeful celebration as we remember the power of resurrection. The Book of Ephesians speaks about the “power” that was exerted by God to raise Jesus from the tomb. It affirms for us that the same power that raised Jesus is also at work in our lives when we begin to know God better and live more fully in his love.

We always think about the turn of a New Year as the appropriate time to take on new commitments and fresh attitudes. But in a very real way, Easter is really the time to turn over a new leaf. It is the perfect time to say yes to the power of God that is already at work in our lives.

It is also a beautiful time for the entire church to say yes to the Spirit the Lord moving in our life as a community. Ephesians 1:15-23 closes by reminding us that the resurrected Christ is the head of the church and that the church is designed to represent the fullness of God’s rich and wonderful love.

I hope you will be with us throughout Holy Week as we walk the last mile with the Lord. We will close Good Friday in silence and then break forth in the joyful refrain “The Lord Has Risen Indeed” as we gather for worship on Easter morning. What a blessing it will be to hear so many voices raised in a unison declaration of faith. I can’t wait!

Meanwhile, we continue to walk the Lenten path of Graceful Foundations as we fully prepare our hearts for the gift of resurrection renewal in our lives. It is always a joy to walk the path together. I am reminded of the two disciples (Luke 24:13-35) who were walking and talking about the events of the very first Easter Sunday. They were joined by another who talked with them all the way to the city of Emmaus. At supper that night, their new friend broke bread with them and revealed his true identity. It was Jesus himself. It is always good to walk the path together…and it is a beautiful thing when we walk with the Lord of Life.

May the Lord of Life fill you with the rich blessing of renewal during this season of hope.

Yours in Christ

Randy Jessen


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