Week of July 14


Sunday, July 17

Sunday School – YES!  Jr. High Room 138, Sr. High Youth Room (144)

Youth Group – Going to see Grease! (see details below) NO, regular youth group.


We had a great time at the pool party last week!  20+ youth attended!

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Movies in the Park THIS SATURDAY!

The Town of Parker is showing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (30th Anniversary) in the O’Brien Park this Saturday.  In order to “claim a spot,” plan to arrive around 5 PM to picnic, fellowship, throw a frisbee, search for Pokemon, play and/or “hang” until the movie starts around 8:30/9ish.  So, bring a picnic or fast food, blankets, frisbees, etc.  I heard there is a snack shack so you may also want to bring a few dollars if you want.  PLEASE text me if you plan to attend (720-383-1577), so I know who is coming, and I can watch for you.  Families are more than welcome to join us!

Grease!  This Sunday, July 17th @ 2PM

If you have RSVP-ed with me and have secured a ticket, I will list your first name below.  Please meet me in the lobby of the PACE Center to receive your ticket around 1:40-1:45.  Please do not be late to the show.  Parents may drop off and pick up from the PACE Center.  I will wait until everyone is picked up.  Here are the first names of those I have tickets for: Elin, Erin, Sarah, Dylan, Beth, April, Kyra, Casey, Megan, Alexa, Alan, Cheryl, Ryleigh, Amy, Mary, Casimir, Elizabeth, Iris, Lauren, Hannah, Harrison, Macy, Mark, Nora and Denver.

Summer Sisters Field Trip!  (Knitting/crocheting with Nori and Friends!)

Tuesday, July 19th the group is meeting at Panera Bread on Twenty Mile.  Bring money for lunch.  Then they will take a Field Trip and caravan to the store Colorful Yarns in Centennial.  Parents can pick up their kids from the church at 3PM. For more information call: 720-314-0952 (Nori will have a liability waiver for you to sign, so get one from her Sunday or at Panera Tuesday.)

NO Youth Group on July 24th

I will be away on the Senior High Mission Trip, so we are not meeting on Sunday, July 24th.

Movie Night – The War Room!

July 31st ALL YOUTH at 5 PM.  We will have a pajama and movie night in the Youth Room.   We’ll be watching The War Room and having discussion afterwards.  We will also have pizza (yes, pizza).  IF you would like to help cover the windows with black plastic (we have this in the church), please let me know, as I will need help.  I will be gone the week prior on the senior high mission trip.  But, I’d love the help getting the windows covered….  Wear your pjs or something comfy, bring a blanket and pillow too, if you want!  🙂  I’m estimating Youth Group from 5-8PM.

Sign Up to Donate a Meal during the school year!

Please use the SignUpGenius to volunteer a meal for our youth throughout the school year.  The kitchen is open to either cook or heat up your meal.  The kids will be ready to eat from 6-6:30 PM on Sunday evenings.  Just a few tips: Pizza is easy, but not a favorite of the kids.  They love salad, but like to put their own dressing on it. Bars like potato, pasta, salad, and taco bars are easy.  Be creative (maybe breakfast for dinner some time??) But mostly whatever is easiest for you.  We appreciate you so much!   www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0A4BA5A62DA31-meals

T-Shirt Designs DUE!

I’d like to get shirts underway very soon.  Some of you talked to me about design ideas, but I don’t have hard copies of any.  If I don’t receive anything by Wednesday, July 20th, I will put Jason Anderson on the task of creating something for us.  As we kick off our school year, I’d like to have shirts.  I’m going to order short sleeve shirts, so you can put long sleeves underneath and layer it if you want, but then you can wear them during the summer too.





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